Monday, July 21, 2008

Recent addiction - Kangal Irandal

After a long time Sun Music comes with moderate noise through my cable operator. So listening to songs after a long time. This song took me off in the first view! (Kangal Irandal - Subramaniapuram) By the time I compose this I would have watched it 20+ times. :) It doesn't mean anything, only that I like the way the song is shot.

In short
  • Walking alone in a road laughing and kicking the air.
  • Forgetting that you need to pedal your friend along and take his cycle.
  • Astrologer - to tell some good news.
  • Sitting at roof top, a wooden swing and thinking of noting.
  • a friend who hates girls, you do good against him to impress her.
  • dressing up and running across streets for getting a single glimse.
Watch it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I liked the song :) it was good though i did not understand words but it was worth watching !

Natraj M said...

Whats the purpose of explicitly specifying that there is no meaning in liking this song? Looks like you are trying for an anticipatory bail. :)

Anyways nice song.

Vijesh said...

one song I can closely compare with in recent times was Aditi. :)

guess I din say no meaning. There were many, some bulleted down. Like the way its shot. எதார்தம் irunthathu. :) that's what I conveyed

Unknown said...

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