Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bike trip - Mekadatu

Yeah! Its been long since making some trips. There are both omen behind it. This time, a last minute plan from my navigator friend to go to Mekadatu. Now and then Mysore road has become a retreat for lot of bikers around Bangalore. Apparently we decided to take a longer route just for not missing the Kamat morning buffet. So we filled the fuel tanks and reached Kamat on time. (Christ, I wont forget those 12 dare devils). Until now it was a detour for us, after breakfast and some rest we got back into the right route that took us to kanakpura. On the way you can see lots and lots of goats.

Already I can feel the butterfly effects because of the less cushion in the unicorn. Adding fuel in the fire was the small streches for roads to Mekadatu from Kanakpura. After few rest breaks in-between we reached Mekadatu. Its a very good place for a one day trip to spend with family and friends. Also there are many other places from there in 30kms radius. Good destininations for team outings too (not adventures, but relaxing) On the first sight, I remembered my Alumni trips where we used to go to a small back waters
and eat those awesome melagai-bajji. A small stream of cauvery flows across this place, the water below knee level. Most people cross the river and take the bus to the water falls. That also seems to be a good place from some photos from fellow bloggers. (we shortned our trip due to santy's pressure) But then we decided to retreat in the small flowing stream itself. Safe gaurded our bag and dresses and we took a plunge into the water. It was like bliss to sit in those flowing water.

Total Distance: 100 kms approx (both journey 200)
Time of the year: Any time, but esp good in this pre-rainy season.
Food: Carry some nice spicy tamarind and curd rice.
Items: Just a towel to dry and a ball to play with. Not much subject for your camera.
Extra: Free water wash to vehicle.
Causion: Don cross river with bike.

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