Thursday, July 17, 2008

Offer Sale Discount

If you had been in Bangalore, You are easily distracted by those vinyl boarding and neon lamps of all those offers in various stores and outlets. But are these real discounts or value addition to the consumer? I really doubt.

They only act as a pushing factor for us to take the plastic cards out of our wallet. Outside banner says 50% off, once you get inside they say its only on certain commodities and other goods are with less offer. Many places like Westside failed to impress with variety and most awaited winter wear. Nike said shoes only above 6K have these offers. So basically was a disappointing evening of shopping, except for the colorful crowd. Still came up with some points that all can note during this month of shopping fiesta.

1) Go for quality, most places it would be clearance sale. So quality reduces.
2) Places where cloths are dumped in large, you might easily get deceived by a defective piece.
3) When you are paying using your credit/debit cards, make sure you get the card back after swiping and cross check the amount in printed in customers copy you get. Also check the transactions online.
4) When you get many things each would result in small bags, so be careful that you rigidly hold all bags together. Better option would be put the smaller bags inside the larger bags and carry one.
5) When you goto a restaurant or any other shop make sure you carry all the bag again.
6) Don park your bike in a hurry in NO-Parking area.
7) Don accompany a girl, its like chaining yourself to a lamppost. :) Amen.

P.S: This is my first scheduled post. :)


SA said...

Very nice post on what we face most of time. (upto x% off).

I remember when I went to coupons (one near to your old office) few days after its opening and bought a jeans and a shirt. Jeans got in two part "from bottom to top" after 3rd cleaning & and shirt was defective (was a new piece!). Later I got to know they actually puts at least a year old (by fashion) for sale and quality is really bad.

And ya, I guess that scheduled and future blogs are still in your mind ;-)

Vijesh said...

True 'Coupons' sucks, so does 'Total' in madiwala.