Saturday, March 24, 2007

Men in Blue - Dooms Day

I dedicate this space to the late Bob Woolmer. A fantastic cricketer, coach, commentator and dear person. He has dedicated his life for cricket and now the victim of his very own game. Let his soul Rest in Peace!

"We Miss U Bob..."

Composing this post with burning eyes and aching body!

Yes, I was one in the billion who watched 70% of the proceedings of yesterdays match. Former World cup runners up, getting virtually eliminated at the first round. Earlier in one of my post I wrote Pakistan's defeat a "Humiliation". But how do I call yesterdays match then. It was worse than that. Who is to be blamed Dravid, Viru, Chappel or me! Everyone, the root cause of failure started way before the actual match itself. First on the list would be Coach - Chappel, his formula was not working at all. He had been shuffling the batting order, who's in who's out. Ultimately it ended up with shameful defeat. Next is idol of many cricket worshipers - Sachin Ramesh Tendular how can he answer himself for such a shot with a batsman of such caliber. It was a regulation cricket shot and pressure was seen earlier 2 balls he faced. The same way he disappointed in the last WC final where he played a poor shot in the very first of Magrath. He played a good role with the ball, with his off cutter and leg cutters. Next was MS Dhoni, you cant play such a poor shot to be caught inside the crease by missing the balls by miles. Rest of the players also didn't play their part well.

Where from here? Better give a long rest to the Indian team, since they might have been busy with the sponsors Ads shotting. My opinion on what can be done!

  • Find a better coach.
  • Ask Dravid to step down (bring Dada back)
Please, don pray for a "Bangladesh" defeat and increase the Probability of India's chances in the Super 8. Since we don deserve to be there!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Review

It was a bad start to the weekend. It was Friday midnight me with my friends were waiting in the Kempagouda bus stand to board the KSRTC bus to Coimbatore. The scheduled 11pm bus came 45 min delayed. The delay was because of the chaos that was in the bus stand due to unregulated traffic in and out of the bus stand. When we boarded the bus there was more bad news. There was a total of 36 seats in the bus. But there were passenger up to seat number 43 waiting for the bus. My friends were holding seats between 36-39. The driver or the conductor was not responsible for this, but they are the only person answerable to this. Few seats were blocked on quota basis, finally after a long argument they were distributed to my friends. Still 2 more person's were asked to take the box for the entire travel (which was unacceptable). Finally 2 passengers did not board the bus, at last everyone where given the travel and we were still in hosur road by 1am. Finally reached Coimbatore by 8:30. So better not take tickets that are beyond seat number 36. :)

World cup 2007
God should bless me with the patience to watch another India match. Its miserable to see so many big names fail. who is to be blamed? every department of the team. You can't drop catches in such a big stage. Give the Indian team a whip at their back. One thing can be said at this point. During the WC 99. India faced Australia in the super six match. Both India and Australia need to secure 3 wins to move on to the next stage. They said who ever wins this battle they will go on to win the world cup. Australia won the match and the cup. Similarly if India beat the lankans they have the fire to take on the world cup. Else better they catch the next flight to India and shoot more ads for money. Also Bangladesh is to be credited with a superb performance by its young guns.
Another subcontinent team, Pakistan. I don't call it a defeat its humiliation. They cant play such poor cricket against the side who are playing their first major tournament. ICC was spoken by the media for making the tournament a boring one by making low grade teams to play against professional sides. But now they are proven wrong. All but cricket is an unpredictable game. I got a funny SMS quoting,
Inzy: Hi Dravid, see you man. We are leaving WI in the next flight.
Dravid: Oh! wait for one more day Inzy we might also join you!

Blues Vs Red Devils
The title race is getting heated as we near the end of this season. Man U were facing bolton. Sir Alex got to start this game without the lights of Scholes (under suspension), Saha & Solskjaer (injury). But still with the magical touch of Ronaldo & Rooney they managed to score 4. Bolton got a late constellation goal. Later that day Chelsea were against Shefield United. They were too much for SHU, goals rained in chelsea's favor sending a strong warning to ManU that they are still in contention for the title. Now 6 points separate the top two. Its going to be tight finish till the end.

Kimi :)
Finally the most awaited F1 2007 season started in Albert part, Melbourne Australia. A season with no shumi. It was a treat to watch all the drivers with their full strength. Teams shuffled, sponsors changed, its all happening out there. This season is going to be exciting. Kimi was at his best in his Ferrari. The Red machine was a master piece of technology tearing the air. Next team to watch was the Maclaren. They have a superb machine and former world champion. Massa made a superb drive starting last in the grid and finishing 6th. This season will be a race between Kimi, Alonso and Massa. Also team's strategy is going to play a big role since rules are changed for example the pit lane speed limit is reduced to 80km/hr from 100.

Apart from them, its a peaceful weekend at home. Will be back again to work on Tuesday morning.
Feel free to post your comment.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Make it a Better Place!

Is the place you live is with better standards? Recently two of my friends Rajiv and Smitha wrote about Bangalore and its nonsense traffic. Even though the Bangalore traffic police take their best efforts to make a smooth and quick journey for the travelers. People are not responsible and infrastructure doesn't support it. For example I travel often in 3 major traffic bottleneck spots. They include Koramangala, Airport Road and Hosur Road. The worst of all would be hosur road, because there are lots of unmonitored road crossings. Also few months back was reposted in news to hold the max accident zone of Bangalore. Next is intermediate ring road koramangala. Bikers at times take the foot path to zoom their bike from the stagnant traffic. But I would bet you Bangalore is always better than Hyderabad (becoz of the discipline in driving)

Next big this in Bangaloren's concern is autos. Think they are the highest paid after s/w jobs. Some meters are hot and run fast. Some demand 1½ (one and a half) of the meter price once it nears 9pm. Some times twice the charge. But there's no check to them. Hyderabad was good in this aspect of getting autos for reasonable price.

Still there are lot of good things in Bangalore! ;-) But when we discuss such things next thing that comes to mind is so whats the IT city thats better of all. So I though we better poll it out. Just make your choice and see what others have an opinion.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cricket Cricket Cricket

This is buzz among all age groups! People will be leaving office soon to sit before the TV sets @ 2000hrs. Srihari kick started his blog with cricket stories. Former cricketer Srikanth with affiliation with Google started his own space and Orkut group. Let me too key a few on my blog.

This is according to me an open world cup! The world cup has begun with no hot favorites. That makes the audience sector more interesting. One side Australia getting tossed up by England and the black caps, the other side teams like Srilanka and South Africa are gaining momentum day by day. For India its the same story as like we were in the earlier tournaments. Still with lots of inconsistency in the performance. Coach still shuffling and making alternatives for players. Viru, Pathan not at their best. Lets see how we progress in the tournaments.

The teams are up, next the venue. The Caribbean, beautiful place to watch on TV. The pitch are bit slow and will stay low and turn than expected. Toss stays a crucial factor as ever. Off the field players have already started to exchange words in the media. Like the latest Ricky-Sunny story.

Finally after effect of this world cup for sure will be late comers to office. Watching the match until late night and start late to office. ;) Also we started to play cricket inside the office campus (wishing nothing motivates once F1 gets started). So who will triumph at the end? Lets sit and watch.

Forget not "cheer India."

Friday, March 2, 2007


It was a Friday evening, where I was thinking when to plug off for the weekend. But an email popped up from Arun DK. Huff, I'm done for the day! It cant get any better than this. Theme was excellent, perfect execution.
Better I write less, have a look at it.