Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Havoc in Hosur road

I'm a daily user of this Hosur road. I don't travel the entire stretch of the road, instead I travel 4 Kms from Silk board junction. The construction of the new flyover is creating more disturbances than convenience.

I would depict the scene that happens in this road. Major disturbance is the Fly over thats constructed. Its a useful project of the public, but will it be really used after so much annoyance during the construction. The major reason for this fly over is for the population thats traveling to Electronic city. Because of the fly over construction the center of the existing road is being blocked with barricade. The intrusion is so much that there are certain points in the road where only a bus can go at a time, which slows down the traffic at those points. Next moderate annoyance is that the road is divided into service lane and main lane. Both the lanes are at different levels, the vehicles that are in one lane are not able to shift to the other lane. This leads in one lane having kms of vehicles piling up and the other lane like a freeway. If the gentle (bmtc) buses shift lane, there is nothing more than that.

No proper planning. The rain water drainage that was completed is dug again and its open for last one week. Today a gentle (Bmtc) driver uncle parked his bus in that open pit. :) Pitty traffic was not moving on the service lane. Punctured trucks, intelligent traffic police and most importantly the public who cross the road in flash.

P.S: Dad, I drive safe and responsibly in the road.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cricket - Down under

To be frank I planned this write this post on Day 5 of the 2nd test match against India vs Australia. But I din find a nice excuse to give here. Still some how I managed to get this across after a serious and hilarious post by my friends.

Its boring to talk about who has done what! Its been blown so beautifully by the media, that a kid says "Pointing don't play a cheating game". Thats reality, even the ICC or BCCI or ACB were able to do something. Whats next now, What will be Bucknor's future? In what state of mind will India play the next series? Can this be avoided in future?

I would say the BCCI has acted foolishly on media pressure. Their first step should have been taken as soon as this issue got raised was to suppress things that were happening. Instead they added fuel to fire, BCCI president commenting on removal of Bucknor. Which I feel was nonsense! So as a controlling body they should intake the pressure and hype surrounding the issue and make the players comfortable in playing the game.

Yes Bucknor did mistakes, but so did Mark Benson. Why is not Benson in limelight? ICC made a clear statement in press for removing Bucknor as "It has taken to reduce the tension in the series." But will technology really help these umpires? May or May not! Since its not foolproof till date. How sure are you that the hawk eye is accurate? Wont the integrity of playing cricket on the field be dethroned by bringing in technology. It would become more robotic and boring.

Now a days its become an interesting park in terms of viewers and commentators to review the wickets to check its genuine. All those best strokes and fantastic bowling lines are not seen upon. Even when we guys played indoor cricket in our house, it was mostly on close catches, bad part of cricket. India as a team would be easily coping things at the international level. Bajji would be only one who might be with less confidence.

So far so good. Perth test is going good. On day 2, Aus are 82/5. Symonds was dropped, will it be costly! Keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Greetings - Readers

Wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous new year 2008. It has been an superb year (2007) for me as a blogger. My readers have increased dramatically. I also have become an voracious reader of many blogs. Thanks all for taking time to read my 'Scribbling' and pouring in your comments.

I promise to improve more in 2008 and keep this space more interesting.