Friday, April 14, 2006

Mr Lazy!

Its been long since I wrote last.. at the beginning of this 8th sem.. now its only days left before my semester exams.. so long what am I doing.. Nothing! Guess this sem is the most laziest sem off all.. Just returning back from the industry, will a belly and yawning more than I blink my eyes in the lecture hours.. Get up, reply to all the gud mornings in my mobile.. take bath and dress up and start my bike.. swiftly escape all the signals before 8am.. That’s it start yawning from 8.30-10.20, oops now I'm tired.. ok go to canteen and have the same pakoda and tea.. yae.. felling better now.. ok start music again.. start yawning again.. will look time in my mobile at least 100 times from 12-12.20 for the bell or for the staff to leave the class.. Ya.. I'm fresh again.. ok lunch now.. VG or Iyer mess or Canteen.. Who cares :)) Now afternoon lab ah.. start machine.. open window.. minimize it.. maximize it.. repeat it again and again.. until 4.15.. ok now time for third break.. Canteen tea or caramel chocolate eclair and coffee.. return back to lab curse the AC operator.. since its a desert inside.. ok.. its getting late.. and will start home.. calm ride back to home.. eat mag and sleep.. This had been my routine most of the days..

Life is boring as a bachelor :-).. But there had been lots of change around me.. lots of aunties start to emerge around me.. hope by my graduation day my class room will be a mini play school lol :) Had few nice lunch outs this sem.. more friends.. spl ooty trip :).. what else, signing off this sem with sweet memories.. Farewell to all my batch mates from college.. :(