Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heart in my Mouth (Ind vs Pak)

Dramatic Beginning
For the match as well as for me. Sehwag did not pass the fitness test, but more surprising was Dinesh Karthik was not in, instead Yusuf Pathan took the spot. For me, started from my office around 5pm. My access card did not work and there was surprisingly heavy traffic in Hosur road, due to a road block. Applying my driving skills reached silkboard. We(myself & Natraj) are almost in no-mans land now, 100's of vehicles standing still on both sides. Natraj's mobile says "India won the toss and elected to bat". I cannot hold it anymore, we literally lifted the bike across the road divider and took ORR to reach Koramangala. As soon as I reach my destination, I can hear a huge roar. I knew I should have been a six. The excitement was already in air.

Malik's thinking hat
By the time I reached, India were one down. But then Gambir played a sensible knock by hitting constant boundries. I was in my old PG, where a crowd of young aggressive supporters were seated in the room. Pakistan captain was intelligent and he wanted to use his 5th bowler soon. So made a radical move in bringing in Hafeez to bowl. This paid off, India found the boundaries hard to come. Finally we paid for this frustration by some poor shots from both Dhoni and Yuvraj.

Sensible Gambir
Finally it was on Gambir & Rohit Sharma to lift India's score to a decent total. But still Pak was always on the top by restricting India game play. My friends started to become geeks in statistics and probability. But they always over predicted. From their initial estimation of 200 with 12+ runs/over they settled to less than 150 :).

Devastating Imran Nazir
For the break, we guys went for a snack bite. By the time we have planned to return to watch the next innings, we hear a huge huge roar. We knew something was happening and started to gallop back(sorry about that burger santy). Yes Pakistan has lost a wicket for a superb ball from RP Singh. Next over was Sreesanth. He is one player who gets all praises and next ball gets all the curse. We were hoping for a good over from him. But first ball in, bang rockets to the boundary line. Huuus start to come out. Next ball, wack sails across for a six. Next ball, six again. It was pin drop silence, we could hear the fan running. No one wanted to comment. By the end of the 2nd over, few felt the match was out of our hands. Nazir was hitting all he could, he was rushing for a quick finish.

Pathan steadies the Chariot
Well, India definitely need some good overs. Sreesanth bowled well then. Pakistan lost wickets on one end. But Nazir was going at the bowling on the other end. Now Nazir was the target both to Indian cricket team as well as its fans. Sreesanth bowls a slower ball to Younis khan, flicking it to mid wicket starts for a run. Nazir struggles due to his cramp and fails to get into the crease. We just waited for the first reply, just after that the celebrations began in the room. Everybody were punching the air, clasping hands and were charged up. I can still remember for Afridi's wicket, once the ball went high up in the air. We literally jumped into the TV screen to see what happened. Within a flash 5-6 guys came near the screen. Its was all happening, Afridi is gone and celebrations start again.

Adding spice
We had a neat spell from Pathan, taking some crucial wickets. Pak needed 54 runs from 24 balls. Misbah-ul-Haq, lifts bajji for 2 consecutive six. Next over Sreesanth to Tanvir SIX again. 3 balls 18 runs have gone. SIX again. We started losing hope, looking each other perplexed. Few were telling "get his wicket, get his wicket", but were not ready to hear them too. Tension in the air was so high.

One last time
It has come down to the wire, we keep our fingers crossed that Bajji should not bowl the last over. Dhoni decides to go with Joginder Sharma. First ball, way out side the off stump. Heck, a series of *&^%$ I can hear, as vadivel says, "Total family damage". :) Once the SIX in the 2nd ball has gone, we almost decided its lost now. You can't recover from here. Pak just need 6 to win from 4 balls. Everyone hold their nerve, hands clasped we sit. 3rd ball, Joginder Sharma to Misbah-ul-Haq he move to his right and tries a chip towards fine leg, the camera man follows the ball. As the ball descends down there comes Sreesanth in the frame. Its a catch and India win. It was like the roof coming down and the next few seconds was 'Alice in Wonderland'. Hugging, Jumping, Screaming, Laughing, Crying and doing all mad things. India have one the T20 inaugural world cup. I wish I had a heart attack. (Goose bumped, as I write this)

Whats he talking in presentation ceremony? I know it, you know it. Lets not discuss further.

Ramp Up
I was not a big fan of Twenty-Twenty cricket. Just because, I initially felt this disrespectful part of the game for bowlers. Day by day rules change in favor of batsman. But then finally understood that T20 is a bowlers paradise than a batsman. This inaugural world cup is to be recorded as the best tournament ever played. After England winning the Ashes, this is the next best time I had enjoyed cricket. This world cup had every thing, Bowl out, Six Sixes, stunning catches, Nerve racking finishes to games. As far as India is concerned, it was a good find for the bowling lineup in terms of RP Singh and Pathan making a successful comeback. Dhoni proved to accepting his new job. But, this was a small step for him. He has a long tough road ahead. Indians have improved a lot in the field with stunning saves, catches, run outs. Esp in batsmans point of view, they were really quick and good between the wickets. This form of game has reached a larger audience. Even my mom has watched the entire match. But will it kill the longer form of game? My view, definitely not. One day cricket still has its own charm.

Signing off.
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Monday, September 24, 2007


My recent status msg was this, "Action speaks louder than words, So don try it with your status msg". Messengers are one such application second to our email clients, that we use extensively. Having status msg in those messengers are the latest pass time of young software engineers. That too esp gmail, Even I'm addicted to it. Not to put one, but to read one. Every time I pass my chat windows, I quickly scan the contacts if something is new. Some reasons I can think of why ppl have status msg

  • Greetings from Good Morning, Birthday wishes.
  • Notify on the new things they have got.
  • Tease someone!
  • Most interesting would be abstract messages that are intended to someone!
  • At times people even exchange words with their status msg. :)
  • Selling their blog url (inc me)
  • Noolu vidradhu :)
Have fun! (Below is a shock wave flash object. If you can't see it, configure accordingly or click here)

Disclaimer: This post was pun intended. If any snapshot is not to be shown they can write to me!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Office Suite - Battle Ground

Few years back, I used to hit the browsing center to get some materials data from internet for my Assignment or Packages (I know it might sound ironic, but still believe it). I need to do it quick and save money. But as soon I have opened multiple sites and try copying the contents to a word processor, so that I can save it as a single file! Baammm! You will get a prompt saying bla bla bla. The software would actually not work. Which will screw you up! I visioned those times, why can't I do this editing, processing online and save the file to my floppy. But now I can.

Yes its possible through online web applications like Google Docs, Zimbra, Writely, Zoho and more. I would say they are coolest online apps available on date. With the internet infrastructure they work like offline apps. Responsive, neat and more cool sharing options that you don find in offline apps. I mostly use Google Apps for the majority of the time. I like the latest addition of Google Presentation. I quickly created a presentation and published it here. Have a look at it.

Here are some of the points I infer:
  • Offline Office applications are becoming bulkier and costlier for user to get and deploy.
  • It is very evident that almost 80% of the offline apps users use only the basic options available in those spreadsheets, Word processors, etc,.
  • Growth in Internet infracture has mode offline apps a step behind.
  • Online apps are Free! :)
  • Good tools for startups to save money.
  • They are quick and contains most of the basic feature needed for a primitive user.
  • Better sharing which is well explained in this Google video.
  • Popular vendor are migrating their softwares to online clones. IMB made its Lotus Symphony free. Yahoo buys Zimbra. Microsoft brings Office live.

Now my vision would be a computer as a hardware device without a software preloaded on it. Let your operating system be online, switch on the machine and connect to your online space and work. Windows becomes Windows Online, SUSE Linux online why not even Google OS.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yahoo Hackday - Bangalore

Yahoo hack day India is announced. It happens right here in Bangalore. This is the first external hack day in India I guess. So block your seats soon. If I get it right, I will meet you there.

Register here