Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Balancing Act

Its early sunshine. Humm get out of the bed with the least interest. Brush up and get ready for you cab/auto/bike etc. Once you reach your office, coffee/breakfast/fresh juice go to your cubicle. Switch on that same old PC you have spending more time with than anyone else. Now phone calls/meetings/coding that makes your neurons work than anytime before. Next is what you call that a Lunch some cucumber/carrot/rice/chapathi's. Then continue impulsing your neurons and get brain drained by the end of the day. You return home without dropping a sweat from your body, but more tired than an athlete. Switch off your light and get back to bed.

The above is put into and iterative loop, until you exhaust. In between all these, suddenly your mobile rings with a nice polyphonic ring tone. You look at the display it says "Home Calling..." Now you remember them. As usual say the same old dialog "hi mom, tell me...". you tend to spend more time with a mobiles customer care number than you spend on this "Home Calling..." number. Like wise we miss many, our dear most friend whose name remains deep in the heart. A sudden mail pop at the right bottom of the screen saying "Mail from XYZ". Our elders in the family, pets, lots and lots.

So start the "Balancing Act". We don realize it until the time is up!