Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Second Home

Now a days, this place has begun to become my second home. This home is simple in construction, just four walls. Also to be economic the engineer did not keep a door for the house. There are around five neighbours to this house, interesting too.

Neighbour 1:
This house is always silent & atmost empty with minimal things. The person occupying it is always focused on what he is doing. There are frequent visitors to this house. At times my chat companion.

Neighbour 2:
I need to visit this house often, since we need too. The maximum neighbourhood ping for me comes from this house. Often people from there visit my home.

Neighbour 3:
This is the most happening place of all the 6 houses in my colony. Too many visitors for this house. Thought the owner will not be in his place most of the time. A place I don want to visit for a code review.

Neighbour 4:
This is second best happening place, atleast no serious stuff goes here. The person reads books at an inhuman speed. 1 page per min. It seems to be the most decorated house in our colony. But also awarded the messiest place (at times)! You just can pull the house owners legs 24/7. Guaranteed entertainment in terms for comedy, conversational drama and weird sounds.

Neighbour 5:
This was so far a visitors home. Who ever plans to leave the colony comes and stays here for some time. Depending on the owner, it seems to be most decorated or most empty. I made great friends in this house. Now recently a new tenant has taken this place with desire or staying there for a long time. Good luck.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


It was a fantastic trip to Goa. I loved the entire trip and pen'd down a few moments.

25th Jan:

Myself, San, Vij, Ragu & Dams arrived at KR Puram station by 7 15pm. For me it was a unique experience sitting at the dark station after some directions from Sangeetha. Even the station attendent was reacting strange with sign language.

We boarded the train to Madgoan by 7:45. Sethu & Gops were travelling in the same train from Chennai. The train did not have a pantry. Both Sethu & Gopal who were waiting for thier chicken biryani & Suk Sagar Veg fried rice was missing. We got settled down in our train and finished our dinner in the train. After some confusions to change the seating without any help (Our Navigator getting furious) and we slept of for the night without much hassle.

26th Jan:

We reached Hubli Jn and finished of our breakfast and we were heading towards Madgoan and we were all busy playing UNO cards which kept our time ticking. After few snaps in the tunnel en route to Madgoan and pics of Dhoop Sagar falls was refreshing train journey.

We reached Madgoan Jn by 1 pm and boarded a 7 seater auto towards baga beach (this was after lots of confusion between Sri and san). The loaded auto took us to a resort like hotel “Sea View” few meters away from Baga beach and just beside Tito’s Club.

We check in to the hotel by 3:30pm meanwhile navigator was on my kinectic that he hired for Rs.150 to pick up DK from Panaji who had arrived from Hyd in train.

They both reached the hotel by 4:30 and refreshed and made our late lunch by 5. We were then back to beach to have a refreshing bath.

Baga beach was a more commercial place for tourists with all the pubs, beach shacks etc..

By 7 we returned back to hotel after some bath and we were planning to hit one of resorts there but without any luck. We checked out in T-*-s’s :-) but it was a worst experience for all stags including us waiting outside the resort for almost 2 hrs without any luck.

So we then decided to hit some beach shacks on the baga beach to spent our nite time there. It was indeed some amazing time at the beach shack with nice breakfast and some music to keep us going for the nite. Also Sri making all the fun with his "Arabian Sea" game and Kung Fu gestures to imitate Dk. :-)

The Arabian Sea at the nite was more than amazing.

27th Jan:

Woke up with some tiredness and we had planned to leave the hotel early. By 9 30 we dropped into a hotel and finished our breakfast with sandwiches and coffee.

We check out by 11 (with some words being exchanged with the resort guy for his bad behaviour) and again hit the baga beach for another dip in the ocean. Dams did some adventure sports like Para Sailing and Water Scooter. I guess he had some great fun doing it.

Then by 1pm we left the baga beach with some good memories and we had to go to Panaji to reach to South Goa(Palolem). Took 2 cabs and we were in Panaji bus stop. In a giffy and finished of our lunch by 2:30 in Kamat Hotel in the bus stand, disappointing Dams for his Chicken.

We then took a Fast express Kadamba bus towards Margoa and reached there in an hour or so. We had planned to hire a bike from Margoa towards but without much luck we took a mini bus towards Palolem via Concona town.

We weren’t lucky to see of the sun set, all help to the bus conductor. But all our anger just blew after we entered Dream Catcher. This place really need a mention for the hospitality and as usual Sri had to try his luck with manager who was a malayalee. So he was back to his Malayalam slang and the talked went on and on.

The place was beautiful, well maintained and so calm that we guys have never been being in bengaluruu..

Then after some pics in the restaurant there and some talking we started our beach towards to beach road for some shopping etc..

Reached the hotel back by 10 to start our session 2. We ordered a whole lot of things starters Manchurian ,Paneer, Chicken, Tuna from the restaurant which was maintained by name called Bombay Bob. He was great with nice reception and suggestions on what to have for dinner.

Sri mentions, "This is was my best night." No wonder he would say that :-).

I enjoyed through the night and went late to bed. But some how decided that I should get up for sunrise. I knew that we were on the west coast and sunrise would not be much of a spectaluar. But still marked my alarm for 6am.

By next morning I somehow struggled meself to pull my shiviring body outside in the chilness. I could hear the regular Sri's Moto reminder breaking the silence of the morning. Despite the Dog's that disturb your walk in the beach, I got one of my best Photo shoots with my new Canon. The yellow sunlight was at its best.

Then an unforgatable train journey back to the Benguluru. Got introduced to TTR who did not accect the ticket for not carrying the right ID proof. A checking inspector who directly came to us asking the ticket. (P.S: Before the journey started, I googled for blogs that talk about travelling with ID proof. Finally I ended up reading my next cubicle mate's blog. World is small!)

Cheers all,
Srihari / Vijesh