Wednesday, July 30, 2008


TTR: Tickets...
Him: Err! Again disturbed & annoyed and his sleep stuck his ticket out with eyes half open.
TTR: (Checks... Parses his name list twice...)
Him: (Regains consciousness, are you done? Sir)
TTR: yevada ponum? (malayalam) (Eng: where do you want to go?)
Him: Stumped! Why is this language change?
TTR: Looks at the ticket and takes again.
Him: Coimbatore
TTR: This train is going to Palakkad now. It crossed Coimbatore long back.
Him: $^!#


Srihari said...


One kind suggestion please replace the him with "Vijesh"... :-)


Amudhan said...

it happened to you?

Vijesh said...

Nalla iru da. :)

yes, I should shamelessly accept. :D