Monday, July 28, 2008

TNSTC - feedback

Straight to the point. This is about the feedback to the TNSTC its travel and passengers.

TNSTC - This was my first trip in this service. The initial look of the ticket was catchy in bright colors and too many details provided none of them were necessary or useful. Next boarding the bus was pain, where will this bus come and where should the passengers wait. No sign boards in the bus stand nor there was an announcement of the arrival time. This talks about the poor infrastructure in the Coimbatore bus terminals. Two bus terminals within 1km, crap where to wait. There was a old man in the bus stand re-directing and answering queries about the timings. But he does not have an uniform nor look easy to be approached. 9 PM scheduled departure bus came on time and waited until 9:45 few annoying passengers to get in. The timing that was printed in their ticket was 10PM. Mistake on them to print it that way and mistake on bus driver and conductor to wait until someone comes so late. There were passengers in my bus who were to get a train the next day morning at 8 AM. The bus should come 5 minutes before departure time and wait at the max 10 min and leave. The bus has limited leg space for creatures like me, 0 cms vertical movement and 10 cms horizontal movement.

Passengers - Two people I always fear during bug travel is pregnant mothers and newly born baby. In one instance I was traveling in a KPN Volvo. These buses have a terrific ability to accelerate and come back to zero within time. So its not advised to stand when the bus is on move, since there is not safety bar at the top or side to hold (just the slippery seats). There was this pregnant lady got in between in Salem, there was some delay in allotting seat. It was so scary to watch her fighting for her balance.

Another couple with their newly born kid were in the bus. They have placed a pillow between both their seats and made their baby sleep there. Jesus! how mad are they? Please next time such people don make bus travel. Plan early and take a train journey. If you don book tickets early, try to take day train and reach make a safe journey.

Next was this interesting dead lock problem (ah, finally some OS concepts after meeting my prof over the weekend in college). There was a girl travelling from cbe to bng. In between an elderly man got in for the single vacant seat near that girl. The conductor boarded him under the impression that some one would change for the ladies seat and settle for seat. Now the girl started shouting that she cannot allow a male to sit near her. (He was in her fathers age, I din understand what her problem was...) Then the old man was told that he will be given a seat in the bus and got in and now he cant get down for a seat and he's not ready to get down in between also. Other passengers are not ready to shift seats saying they have paid to travel in their alloted seat and they cannot shot (WTF). As the argument elongated passed midnight, some passengers started to show disinterest over the switched on tube light. :) Finally I said I will take the berth in the box (so called cabin) and had a nice sleep. It was like upgrading to sleeper from semi-sleeper. Also was fun talking to the driver and the new conductor to this route. Also took some quick driving lessons before my actual class starts.


Kuppuraj R said...

Most bloggers fail to understand one point when they write their blogs in Mid Night spoiling the health. Sound sleep in fixed timings will restore your energy for the next day. Every thing should be done in a systematic way in scheduled manner without affecting one's health. If you are in other profession other than IT, working for blogs in odd hours would be ok, but otherwise, it will spoil your health. Take care.

Harinarayana Gurumoorthi

Vijesh said...

Sure Dad! Noted. But the time in which the post is submitted does not give a real impression of the time it was created. Since there are features of scheduled post. Like you can get ready with a post today and publish it any time/date in the future.

Also sitting at late night has become a habit/practice also getting up late has worked well in that way! :)

Kuppuraj R said...

How you find that it is from me


Vijesh said...

:-) I'm literate.

Vijay said...

innum driving classes start pannaliya da???

Vijesh said...

No da. Still start panala. Mornings in Bangalore are getting chiller and chiller.. Not sure how its going to work out nu.. Pesamea NFS install panalam nu iruken.. :P