Monday, August 15, 2011

True - Its not his thing

There was a nice article [link] on Hindu's open page on August 14th. It reads, "Wife wins hands down". 

The columnist wrote precisely what was in my mind. Everyone knows who come out of home for work, who achieve, who get rewards. People write books about them! But no one really care about or even think about who was behind them. They don't even get recognized, with the opinion that its their daily duties. There are so many home heroines whose stories are untold. Have your ever recognized your Mother for sitting all the night & getting you hot tea on wee hours during your 12th grade? Married men - do we know how much is spent on getting milk for the family? I tried cooking one meal and cleaning them, sigh! I can't imagine how someone can do it, 1095 times a year. So don't wait and go tell the behind the scene achievers that how awesome they are! Don't just do it on mother's or wife's day that Hallmark and Archies invented as a marketing strategy. 

I humbled that the author mentioned his wife name (Griha Lakshmi), else I would have got him by his collar. :-)