Friday, May 23, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding

I titled this post as "Wedding Planner". But immediate question on looking at that was are you getting married? :) A quick No is always there! So I rephrased this as 'Best Friends Wedding' Since thats what I'm indeed doing. Coming month of June is filled with good muhurtha (an auspicious day to begin things). There are four weddings that I need to attend and I'm the bride's side on all the four weddings. Divya, Revathi, Smitha, Nagu are those. One quick reason of why there are so many weddings are there is an off season when weddings do not happen so, after a long off season now the time has come for them. The days when weddings are planned and appropriate wedding halls are chosen. Now its the other way round.

I need to plan for these weddings! Like...
  • Make the bug count to zero on my name in Bugzilla.
  • File and get my leave approved from my Manager. :(
  • Book tickets for the journey! (preferably train)
  • Canon S3 IS with enough memory and extra set of battery.
  • Data cable and storages devices if its a long trip.
  • Wash and press my clothes.
  • Write them all in a paper and make sure I don't miss any of the above.
Lately DPS also has been writing many posts on wedding photography! But I guess I should make my own rules to shoot in Indian conditions. Yes they are the other side of the coin. I would say its a tough assignment on track. Also along with the wedding travel will be meeting and traveling to places that I really wanted too.

Advance wishes to all the couples!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ah! Finally I started to realize that I too have a blog and apparently not writing anything. I do not want to give an excuse that I was busy and I hate that too. Spending my time mostly in front of the monitor and behind the lens. Change could be a good solution.

People can't live with change if there's not a changeless core inside them.