Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Dream Job

I wish I was taking these Photographs... :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twitter - Its all about Nobody

Twitter, in short a micro blogging platform. Each tweet (similar to a blog post) is 140 characters long. Its broadcasted to all your followers. Followers - people or a twitter account that's willing to listen to all your updates. Following - people or twitter accounts from whom you would like to receive updates. So whats the deal? What do you tweet? Why another platform? To me it follows K.I.S.S policy - Keep It Simple Stupid. People write about what they are doing right now, what they are thinking right now, what they are watching right now (twitpic), what they are reading (tinyurl, and literally anything that can be squeezed within 140 characters.

But why? No one really knows. Why do you want to know that someone is sitting in a football stadium, someone is coding, someone doing something. It never really makes sense. Already there is enough information that one can know in a life time. Its like shouting on public server, where every key stroke is archived. You can analyse using tweet stats.

Its seems like everybody knows everybody, but everybody knows nobody.

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