Wednesday, December 21, 2011

விளம்பர இடைவேளை

Ads are inseparable part of India media. From serials my mom watches to the boring formula one race that no one watches in my home except me there are ads and ad breaks. So there is lot of importance that's stressed in the ad industry in recent times, they are sometimes given more weightage than mainstream. Here was an post by paramesh that gets you to the time of DD.

I picked one best, one worst and one all time favorite ad in recent times.

Best one: Kanjoos friend Airtel. I liked it for the fact, it was short & sweet and conveyed the message.

Worst one: Lalitha Jewellery. Watch it for yourself and I got no comments. Sad point is I get to watch it in cinema screen every time I visit PVR.

Favorite one: The Force: Volkswagen. No wonder its in the most watched videos of youtube.

If you have got your collection, scribble it in the comments. I'm interested to see them.