Friday, July 4, 2008

Bitter, but taste it - Early age marriages

In this post I'm going to talk about Marriage, Parents, Society, Astrology, Sex, Child birth and so many off topics! I know this might sound crazy.

I remember the Auto's in my native used to write an one liner behind them for the benefit of the society. Like "There will be a free ride for Pregnant women". Like wise another popular one i can remember is "Marriage age for women is 21". Let me guess what will a girl be doing in that age? Mostly doing her under graduation or those poor ones in the rural whose education feeds were unsubscribed after school would have been working for the wellness of their family or helping her mother at home. If a girl gets married at this age what will she take back to the rest of her life from her past. Is it lessons of life? Will her education gained till that date gonna help her? Maybe yes and may be no. If No, then why get married? Is it because its written behind auto and buses, they follow them meticulously? Or is it because that's the right age where women's get qualified as mentally matured mortals to take up the next step in life? Or is it their parents wanted to get their girl married? Or is it the society?

Their parents! Humm every parent does things really good and only for the welfare of their kids at any stages of life! But some of them wanted to get the most toughest part of their girls wedding asap. This is like attempting tougher questions in the beginning of the exam and waste most of the time and spoiling the known easy questions at the end due to lack of time :). Many girls now a days are not given a choice for career or family. They are told, this is the timeline within which you get married and negotiate on your career with the guy who comes. Fortunately there are more conversation ratio in terms of career after wedding. Good sign. What could be the real problem to their parents? I never have got an answer other than "If not now then when is the good time? Else its difficult to find a match?" I guess they din try a `select count(*)` in the matrimony databases! Since there are so many options.

I take the opposite direction when it comes to Astrology. This friend of mine is told, by an astrologer that you should find a man for her before her 24th Birthday, else your wedding will be postponed for long. Ah What crap!!! They believe in this guys words meticulously and start searching for a groom. Now the search has become intense that every rejection is scrutinised for a reason. Finally they ended up fixing for the girls wedding right on time. Why this hurry? Question remains unanswered.

Society! How can my girl do a love marriage? Isn't that ridiculous? How will I face my family back? Humm true, it could be an embarrassment for them just in case that happens. Just listen to this illogical practice followed. I know a town, where men are asked to get married slightly late. Say around 29, 30. Still the age difference between the couple will be more. Then they should give birth to a child in less than two years after marriage. Even some times lesser. She needs to carry a child just because he is getting old. Then why find such a match. I remember hearing this statement from my dear own gf's - The age difference and the misunderstandings between the couples are indirectly proportional. Less gap or equal age results in more difference of opinion. More gap, less misunderstanding. Or I wonder really that the girl is too young to talk against him and he is too old and thinks her as a little girls and walks off. :)

Yeah! You know the conclusion and got to shout anything do it now.


srijithunni said...

All of us go through this, but finally there's no use. One finally will end up pandering to the whims of society.

Puthali said...

the best way to beat them at their own game, is get an astrologer who says that you can't marry till 20XX year ;)
another trick will be to fly away for higher studies before they realize whts happening :)
'n yet another option would be to keep acting like a kid and your parents will be scared to get you married off... :)

Vijesh said...

Yeah buddy! Damm the society.

he he.. well those are good thoughts and I can guess which category you fall into ;)

Anonymous said...

What are you speaking about ? The purpose of Life is to create Progeny. One's body, life, marriage etc. are just tools to fulfill that purpose. One should not be fooled by the pseudo sense of accomplishment provided by job.

And career is a carefully crafted word, bestowed on people to do lame, rote, white-collar slavery and feel good about it.

Your thoughts are getting infected by bad company. Get married soon, all will be clear to you ;-)

Vijesh said...

@Sankar, Guess u have grown old :)