Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Batch Day July 8th

July 8th 2002 was an important day bookmarked in my personal calender, Since it embarked the beginning of a fantastic journey in my life. I really feel it was worth to take the road not taken. I think I had spend this 3rd 8 in my life with a purpose and feel its fulfilled. I think such sweet things have a quick ending, since now I feel how this 6 years passed by, it was too quick. Still remember the day when I waited in front of the principal room (oops for a good reason) for getting officially flagged my journey by giving everyone a chocolate.

So many friends, so many lectures, so many assignments, so many exams, so many lab sessions, so many trips, so many of crushes, so many tea+pakkoda, so many proxies, so many lunch boxes, so many lunch outs, so many teasings and get teased, so many seminar, so many night outs, so many hardship, so many problems with funny solution, so many farewell, so many clicks and so many of everything. I better publish a book on it.

Happy Batchday dear all.



srijithunni said...

Hey , Nice to know that,
Congrats to your entire batch.

Anonymous said...

The destiny of one's life is moulded by so many incidents you mentioned in your block. Better to remember always the people who elevate you to such a height.

Wish you many more Happy Batch Days..

Vijesh said...

Thanks Srijith. I'm expecting a good poetry on yours! :)

Dear Anonymous, Thanks. Sure they are my biggest assets!