Friday, January 29, 2010

6 more days to go

That means you got 4 more days to make a decision if you want to book tatkal tickets. Let us know if plan changes.

Do not miss to visit the Big temple and take few clicks. After all the Big Temple is celebrating its 1000th year. See it (a 360) for yourself. (Rent a wide angle lens I say, its worth it) :)

Myself, I find me most active ever in all the social networking arenas. In the triangle of eating, sleeping and talking. Preparing huge checklists of items that I should take. Help filling the marriage registration form and answer questions like, Are you married? If yes, how many wifes are alive? More than all spending valuable time at home and in spare time reading 2 states.

Oh yeah, just in case you missed it. When Vijesh met Abirami.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tomato Rice

If you had seen this tweet, here is the follow up post of how to prepare it. Tomato rice is easy and fast to prepare for a meal. It goes well with a small curry (potato, brinjal) or papad or curd. Also if you are off to a friends family picnic its good on the menu. The below will serve a meal for two.

Tomato - 7
Rice - 1 and 1/2 cup
Turmeric power - 1/2 tsp
Chilly power - 1 tsp
Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 and 1/2 tsp
[last 4 items qty as required]

First smash the tomato in the mixer to liquid state. Then pour the smashed tomato in a pan and heat it for a while, until the raw smell of tomato is gone. Keep stirring it in the pan so its evenly cooked (it becomes slightly thick). Pour it in a cooker along with 1.5 cups of rice, 7 cups of water (or as required), add turmeric, chilly power, garam masala and salt (qty mentioned above). Stir the mixture well. Let the rice cook. Its ready!!!

When taking it form the cooker, just add two teaspoon of oil and mix the rice well in it, so that the rice does not become sticky.

Bon appetit!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whats the plan guys?

Well, a ping that bring smiles for people in my home, "Whats the plan guys?". We had been planning and executing them cleanly. I can say we had the best time in Bangalore in the last few weeks. Things have changed then, we got new plans. 

Santy will be going to the guitar classes promptly after a month, since he is travelling until then. Bon voyage! Also decided to read two thirukural per day. I hope he does not stock the book in his usual place.

Gethu has decided to pull the hand break. Be on diet and hit the gym. He has promised me a new look in my wedding. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Dams, is busy searching places for santy to visit in US. :) Sure still keeps him busy with the multiple legiyam and podi's.

Kishore still claims being part of the investigation team and keeps him all busy with the sms and calls. Also will soon get his six pack done.

JK would be going to Asha nikethen and taking the lead in cooking. Will continue to be a Vijay follower and wait for his next release too. Also being a good neighbour he would be getting new guy or gal for the home due to retention rate in our home.

Jr Santy has moved to Chennai for good and promised that there would be change since he is with his family. But yeah we also got the updates of his first day in office. :D

I would still keep my plans going. :)

Pasangala, Enjoy Das anna's food, DJ's music, those debates, street cricket, Anjappar and don forget about the hike we planned for the high performing maid. :D

P.S. Called them now, they are watching ayirathil oruvan again.

Wedding Invite

All credits to The Bride. :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ayirathil Oruvan - missing the magic

It's a Selvaraghavan movie. Rated 'A'.

A film that had a good start and a bad ending. The whole film is split into two parts. Part I (first half) is fun, adventurous and entertaining. Part 2 (second half) is an art film with a clashing cultural script. It looked like selva ran out of ideas to complete the movie. The 32 crore budget is predominantly spent in graphics and animation. Certain places there are glitches, but over all it is a good effort. Selva shows his psychotic nature in this film again. His earlier films were on similar lines too. One about adolescent gags and teenage capers and another on psycho boy in love. If you had watched the trailer, it exactly tells only one half of the movie, the remaining is the untold story. The films dialogs go from vulgar words that were beeped by the sensor board to historic Tamil. Many places the script seems broken. Lot of scenes and actions are left for the audience to interpret. This raises many questions at the end of the movie! Also selva copied many scenes from movie 300.

Andreya - not up to the expectations. She would have spoken 10 lines of dialog in the movie and all the 10 lines were spoken in the first half. Second half she just had to appear with the crowd.

Karthik - Another different try, but still less role in the movie.

Parthiban - Featuring as an old king, he did a good job in the one half of the film that was given to him. Carrying the majesty of the kings and his expression in betrayal are good.

Remasen - She is the pivot role in the movie. A good second starting for her in the film industry. Did a neat job for the role that was assigned to her. No doubt she will bear few awards for the movie if at all they give one for it.

Why not to watch the movie?
Too many unwanted scenes on killing, war, blood and women.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


After many years I'm being jobless. Seems like an intermediate childhood state. I don't know what I will do tomorrow. May be will sleep the whole day. Ok, whats after that, sleep more. Watch TV, spend time reading all the blogs that I follow. Still I will be left with more time. A good break from buzilla, V1 or clarity. Life is calm. 

It was a busy day where you give those 200 odd hand shakes and bid farewell. Dumped all the messed up cubicle things in two carton boxes, submitted cupboard keys and ID card to the security. It was a wonderful stay in Novell, Bangalore. 

As to celebrate my joblessness, we had booked tickets to Avathar. Mind boggling stuff from Cameron. The movie raised the bar for modern day pictures to next level. I wish others keep up with it. Else these directors will be in the next generation. Though the 3D was not as great (could be because of the small screen) it was a block buster. Until next post, sleep tight. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving on

Today is my last working day in Novell. 

What next? The Wedding.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An appeal

On behalf of a fellow Tech'ian. Please do the needful. If you are interested let me know will help you in getting the bank details.

Thanks in Advance...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Camera & lens - learning links

Off late, I had been researching a lot to upgrade my camera to DSLR. I came across many interesting links to help better understand the DSLR and Lenses. Since one needs to know what those numbers are on the lenses and what the DSLR is equipped with before investing on buying them.

Credits to Nikon to have such learning materials for people to know their lenses.

Lens Simulator - Best place to try out the lens before you buy.
Lens positioning map - Compare focal range & f-number of the lenses.
Terms - All the jargons explained.
Camera labs - Nice video reviews on body and lens. (When tired on reading, listen to the video and relax)
Lens review - user reviews
Photozone - Show me the numbers style.

P.S. Will soon publish my learnings. If you got more links, let me know will update it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 20TEN

Firstly, Happy new year 2010. Have a fabulous 365 days to come.

I had a quiet start for 2009. I did make up some resolutions. I did reduce my caffeine count, but office steps were steep as days went and took a lot of time too ;-). Though I was not able to go around with BWS, will have to try after I upgrade my camera. So with many pending resolutions, there will be none this year. Life has been like taking a roller coaster ride. I became so obsessive about this blog that I got this t-shirt. Few tags to take up. Also the best tennis match of this decade was witnessed last year.

As responsible guys, we had many weddings to attend. We did them promptly one after the other after the other and the other until I realized that I was next in the queue. To fulfill the new year resolution, tried out new things with the camera from nature to ghosts and some yummy cakes. Those debates on weddings, love and many more.

Well, I think all your wishes in the beginning of new year had come true. I had to shed my tag as bachelor. I will be getting married early next month. So come there and sing a song.

Its a new year, an Year of change to me. Wishing everyone all the very best. Also many thanks for all the readers, who patiently spend time on this page and took effort to write a comment.