Friday, July 25, 2008

Ground zero - Bangalore

I left Bangalore last Tuesday night for my vacation. But July 25th was a black Friday were serial blasts rocked Garden city. All reports told that they were minor blasts and did not cause much damage to life and property. Still on the sad event there were few casualties. (mourning for them) Could we really prevent this? I don have an answer. But repeatedly there had been constant incidents happening like this, targeting civilians. Bangalore is more vulnerable because of its IT. As responsible nerds here are some points that I came up for us.

  • next time you get into a mall or cinema theater there may be strong security check. Please bear with those officials even if they are time consuming and demand you to stand in a line. Be patient.
  • Have an official identity card to identify yourself (driving license, PAN card) where ever you go out.
  • starting to office on Monday! and your company is one of the IT parks, make sure you carry your office ID card. (hope my neighbor(s) are reading this.)
  • Do some home work in having some helpline number to call in case of emergency and suspicion call to police. (you need not do the superman stuff, leave it to the experts).
  • Today I called few of my friends to see if they are all safe. Then din know what on heaven was happening outside the glass doors. They responded after 3 hrs from the blast (oh, blast, in Bangalore? near madiwala? near my office? when? how?) So such ignorant we are of whats happening outside us. So its a good habit to subscribe to any of the FLASH news feeds from CNN or any other worthy sites as desktop alerts or email notification to your office mail-id. Don't wait till it reaches your ass.
- you got more like this...

Today afternoon I was like a RJ hosting a show. Everyone (friends, family and dad's colleague) started to call suddenly, calmly answered their calls stating I'm safe 500kms away.

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