Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oats Love (Part 1)

Yeah, its coming in a series.

I wanted to write about this. But Arun has already done the documentation. So could not stop myself from cross posting. Do try this out and you will enjoy it.

Recipe: Oats Kichadi

Monday, October 19, 2009

இனிய தீபாவளி

Lately Diwali means good food and photography for me. Once a year I gain lot of weight and workout the rest of the year to reduce it. A colleague of mine wishing everyone, comes to my cube and says, "This Diwali also photos and no crackers is it?". Thats true! More than burning those crackers I'm fond of taking pictures and calculating the amount of money totally spent in buying them. 

This Diwali was no different. After my mom repeatedly reminding me to get a dress, I decided to shop. Rule#1: No black dress, already I have enough that I'm banned for lifetime. Rule#2: Need to shop in 30mins. I will lose interest from 31st minute. Rule#3: No jean and t-shirts. Amen! Whats else is there in those to shop then? I romed around for 120 minutes and took a shirt. Trail piece fits well and finally ended up not having my size in the lot. End of Diwali shopping. But made my mom happy, by the patent shirt I got from office. :)

I spent the Diwali night at the rooftop with my camera. It was a spectacle to watch those fireworks reach skies. Had a chance to click some of them and miss many of them. Also its fun to anticipate from where the next big one will come in the sky. Also meet some friends and few more to go. Food food and lots of food.

I'm so patient with this 5 mins timeout internet at home. :) BSNL sucks at this part of the city.

Have fun. More photos in my flickr.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Human bite

Me: How does it feel to get Human bite? Does it pain? Is it poisonous? Should one get a TT for it?

Him: Admitted in apollo..doc says this is a peculiar case.. needs immediate intervention to prevent brain damage.. subject which bit is to be quarantined, so that it is not a threat to homo sapiens.. US marshals are on their way!

Me: Sitting fingers crossed. :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DOCOMO moment

Today Oct The 14th, my good friend is writing his GRE. We are all excited at home already. He will be our Muhmud of Koramangala and still with high spirits. After all the long hours he spent, I should be giving him many "Burnt the Midnight oil" cards. After those, "Sir, as I'm suffering from fever, I would request you to kindly give me one day leave!". Its show time today.

Inspired from Tata DOCOMO's, "Life can change in a second". We identified DOCOMO moment for him. After the online test, there will be an option to view the marks. Clicking that and knowing his marks would be the DOCOMO moment for him. It will decide if its gonna be a hazy evening. ;-)

All the very best, to him....

With Regards,
Kannan, Sri, Me, Gethu, Nair et al.

எது நடந்ததோ அது நன்றாகவே நடந்தது,
எது நடக்கின்றதோ அது நன்றாக நடக்கின்றது,
எது நடக்குமோ அதுவும் நன்றாகவே நடக்கும்.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Why men seems to be hard nature mostly and
why women seems to have soft nature?
Why did history evolve like this?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cricket: Overdose

Airtel's Champions League Cricket tournament was kicked off in Bangalore today. What does this mean, another round of T-20 cricket with some known and unknown teams playing for a prize money of 2.5 M. That is half the prize money of Cricket World cup. Immediately after the Ashes series, it was India vs Srilanka then it was Champions Trophy and now its Champions league cricket. Too much cricket, I would say. Look at the next 12 months fixtures, it looks packed.

Don't think this tournament was Lalit Modi's brain child, it was a cheap copy from club football. But seriously its very boring and does not stand near the 90 mins of a football games action and drama. These tournaments started more of a way to promote the game, its now becoming a Modern Poker (already in the first match, players are putting down lolipop catches and run outs). That is sad. So at least I'm pulling out of the viewers list of this Trophy! (I can do better things than watching this...:-P)

But, all said and done. Its good for the small business that runs around the game. We will be getting back the profit that we lost by moving the last IPL to South Africa. Still one set of people who strictly ban the whole thing would be your mom and wife who wants to see the Kolangal mega series. So guys get a tatasky and record the matches and watch the replay or get your salvation from cricinfo.com

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wow, you must have a really good camera!

Anyone who has ever taken a sharp, properly exposed,
and well-composed photo has heard these words,
"Wow, you must have a really good camera!"

Then anyone who can code or write well, should
have a "really good keyboard and computer!" :-)

Took the excerpt from this article by Vic Berardi.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Health care takes lower priority

I live in Bangalore. A city known for its slow moving traffic and rash driving. Today I was watching this spectacle happen in Sony World Junction.

Somewhere 200 metre's from the signal an Ambulance got queued up along with queue of cars, bikes and auto's that were waiting in the signal. The siren was reaching the sky and red emergency light was in so contract that was making the whole area look in emergency! It was around 30 seconds and still none of the vehicles in front of the ambulance moved. Hence the driver in the ambulance increased the siren louder and longer. Another 15 seconds passed and still no signs of traffic moving. I got curious and looked at the junction and find vehicles from other lane still moving. The so called public servants are busy scratching some parts and not clearing this lane with ambulance. WTF! Finally the ambulance got it chance to move only when there was green to the lane. It was a sad sight to watch.

Think the case of a politician. He/She gets a free ride from airport to his home without his driver keeping his foot on the brakes. I was made to wait many times in IRR for the public servants to go in a free lane and I would find the whole of Bangalore police lined up, busy working for their appraisals.

Why is health care taken with lower priority? Right from public servants to public take it for granted when an ambulance comes, like the ambulance crosses this place 5 times a day! I guess the rules are also not strict enough for people to take it seriously. In US health care is given first priority when it comes to roads and any vehicle that does not give way could be given a ticket up to $155. Be it the hand or the lotus, it will take time to change. I think the change should happen in small scale, like the pune govt has imposed a rule to fine people who are spitting in public.

Please, drive safely and wisely.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm spamming

I take feedback seriously.

Today I was talking to one of my friend from Ireland and my blog reader, raising concerns over comments not getting replied properly from me. Taken!

Hence I quickly went to all my post (the recent 50 entries) and replied were ever appropriate. So if you were subscribed to my comment's feed (I know that sounds insane) or comments reply. You would have got multiple e-mails.

My apologies for spamming!

How else can I plan?

3:15AM I got a new BMW after taking down G - Mac and his gang. Still no signs of getting tired or plans to sleep after driving for many hours. I look at wonder why my nails have started to grow in different directions. Also did a quality check on my wrist and keyboard to see if everything was intact.
3:20AM Even in that darkness, a 200 watt bulb suddenly glows up my head. OMG, I got to book thatkal ticket that Morning at 8 AM. Literally 5 more hours. Since its a long weekend, it would be a huge task to get one thatkal ticket.
[It will be an impossible task to sleep now and get up with all sense up and running at 8 AM. (S/w Engg slang)]
3:33AM Text message to Friend 1 and Friend 2. Please please wake me up by 7:45, if you see this msg before that. I got to book tickets.
[Main plan: Alarm at 7:45 AM]
[Backup plan 1: Reminder at 7:50 AM, since alarm will snooze again at 7:55]
[Backup plan 2: Reminder at 7:59 AM, with note "Idiot get up at least now!!"
7:51AM My mobile blares and I feel like yelling #WTH. I attend and find Friend 2 on the line, waking me up. Thanks a ton, Friend 2.
[PS, I was thinking I should file a complain to Nokia, that the alarms and reminders are not ringing. My roomie later confirmed that it was I was sleeping like corpse not noticing it. :) I spare Nokia]
7:55AMIE, FF and Chrome is open and irctc.com is loaded. Even filled the quick book form with name, age, sex etc etc and even took care of timing flaw.
7:59:45 Finally even counted seconds for the irctc server to tick 0800.
8:00:12 Refresh the page to submit my booking.
[The site is unavailable]
8:00:40 Frantically check the other browsers and to see if any one of them to connect to server. But all reply the same.
[Suddenly I feel there is an unusual silence around me. Almost ignored in the panic of retrying.]
[Noticed that it was the power cut (sharp like a samurai sword) at 8:00. Ah! Even BESCOM is synced with railway timings. :-(. The modem / router is switched off. Sigh]

How else can I plan?