Friday, July 11, 2008

From My Studio

Sweet Memories! This is a memento, that I designed for the farewell of our Super senior batch!

[Theme: Everyone have their signatures in scanned. Back ground water marked with "we will never say Good Bye." Even the requests of whose sign should come near whom was also satisfied. :-)]

Next one is my favorite from Goa! Taken in my first Photo shoot. Btw, I can see "her"? Can you?


The Pensieve said...

Thanks for reminding us Vijesh..didnt know you had a picture of it.Those days can never be forgotten

Vijesh said...

Oh ya! I had archived everything form my past. :) Well should speak in the class to see if someone needs a copy of it! Happy to share!

Humm! finally I can see some old bloggers surfacing again. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Remembered.