Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthdays, Cakes and 79

I archive photos, I archive photos like mad. :-) That's a serious hobby leave it. Browsing the archive I noticed this series of cakes I tasted. I wish I had all the *other* cake snaps too. Trust me this is only 10% of the total cakes I would have tasted. Cake walk, Just bake are some of the outlets in Bangalore we regularly knock into.

This is one of the special cake. Its a White Forest. We got this for our college farewell. But fortunately the guy (Mr.Gethu) stacked the cake vertically. That's why you can see both the sides tapered and the cake looks oval in shape.

This was for my class PR. That guy fortunately had fever to escape from the bums that year. Unfortunately I don remember the flavor.

This was one of the three cakes of my previous Birthday! :) It was a Black Forest. I wonder what all people imagine to write on the cakes.

Ah! This one is a Chocolate Fantasy. Its all faint memories of tasting this cake. All I remember was people using it as a facial. Yeah yeah, you read the first work right. :P

This cake was the heights! Its a Pineapple Flavor. Look at the essay writing on the cake. The vendor would have been sigh on getting this done. See how many candles, I guess the Birthday boy would have been burnt before he blew them off.

There are many others! I'm not remembering many of them.


Srihari said...

OMG !!! Vijesh is our Database for storing photos. Guys do you need any sent a select query to vijesh to retrieve them for you.

Am going to send one across to vijesh now.

sql>select srihari_photos from vijesh where;

Vijesh said...

SQL Syntax Error after WHERE clause. Condition Needed!

Anonymous said...

@Srihari & Vijesh: Tch tch tch!! These coding guys!! They need to go get a life!

@Vijesh: I feel like cursing you for this post. You know, THAT 'curse'. Here I am,sitting all hungry and you have this post :( *sigh* Unfair world!

Vijesh said...

@joie de vivre
Saami.. if you want.. will order you one! Just forget your curse! Illati puuli kolambu la kai vechuduven.. :P

sagopal said...

And i remember one nice photo to which myself & vijesh were giving the final touches & srihari pulled the power cable :-)

have you got the select stmnt for that :-) , especially the where clause :-)

Vijesh ,
I have been asking you , our entire class photo-warehouse for a long time :-)

Vijesh said...

That power cable photo LoL. Seriously the work of two great artist was spoiled in a second. ;)

You know. Flickr s**ks in sharing. Since I need to invite one by one! :( Soon we should nail a migrating tool and copy some of them to other albums and will share the load. :)

Do you remember the photo???

sagopal said... is also very good. I saw that the Trial a/c is free & it gives 10GB space.

Vijesh said... - this is where Flickr beats it. Problem with Photobucket is the images will be resized to 1024x768 which is less when compared to latest high resolution monitors. So when you download them back they are small. - In Flickr the images are stored in Actual size, be it any resolution and you can download back in the same resolution. Also there is a restriction on size of the photo to 2mb!

sagopal said...

oh ok , you know better. I did not know that , i leave it to you.

Abirami Rajendran said...

I almost celebrated a b'day in bombay post again :D

Vijesh said...

@Abirami aka C.E.O
Welcome :) You celebrated once more, but we din get the treat for it this time? :(

Karthik said...

I gave a unique shape to the cake altogether!!!! :)

Vijesh said...

That's an interesting perspective and intelligent excuse. :)