Friday, April 10, 2009

Orange Tree

1991, April.

Its summer vacations. Scorching heat, watermelon, a small chill stream and the Orange tree is all he remembers. Its early morning and he got extra reasons to get up late. But like other kids he likes holidays more. He gets up early that day. Soon finds his mom sprinkling water in the entrance. Its an easy 50 meter dash from the home entrance to the compound wall. Its their farm house. A silent beautiful home at the center of the farm it was. Thick wooden doors and window were from the design books for its fore fathers. On entering the house is a big open space pillars at all corners marking its boundary. Lying down there and gazing stars at the night or playing when it rains is his favorite sport. Soon after the dash to the compound wall, he stands and enjoys the aroma of ground when water is sprinkled on it. A refreshing feel. Soon the horizon shades out the color of red, its getting ready for yet another sun rise.

Soon its bright outside. The horse men have started to move on the street corner. He hears the cycle bell, gets into the kitchen for lending a tumbler from his mom. Reaches the milk man milking the cow and gets a special ticket for filling the tumbler with foamy milk. Drinks it in a gulp to make a mustache out of it and licks it finally with all the joy.

She has woken up by now and promised to take him to the orange tree. After a hot breakfast they both shout too the roofs of the house, "We are going into the farm..." She holds his hand and leads the run along the stream. Running on the small mud wall is a challenge! They are already inside the coconut groove, she says the orange tree is full of oranges now. "You can climb on it and play all around it", There will be kids already there. I will help you climb and you will get us all the oranges needed. Its few meters before the they reach the tree. His first visit to the orange tree, he was all excited...

He is almost asleep now! She smiles, whispers, "Good Night dear!" with a kiss on his fore head. She goes to sleep!

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