Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do Torres and Reds have the nerve?

Everyone in India is spiced up for the IPL to begin, but there is much better and thrilling encounter happening in the other side of the globe. The Champions League quarterfinals second leg is happening tonight. What can be a better day for a Manchester United fan than having to watch a Liverpool and Chelsea match showdown! 

Liverpool was beaten at Anfield by Chelsea 1-3. Reds were limping towards the end of the game. Now they got to face the blues in Stamford Bridge. Bet you! They are not a predictable side when they play on their own back yard. It's evenly poised between the two teams. Torres in top notch with loads of goals in EPL. Will the golden boy Gerard be able to take Liverpool past Terry and his men? Liverpool have this tail up after a win at England last week, where as Chelsea had a nail biting finish to earn the 3 points. Tough ask! Will have to watch it from whistle to whistle, its a cracker.
My money is on Liverpool... I know I'm gonna lose my money!
We are in no better position. Just that the goal difference is equal between ManU and FC Porto. The two away goals is the only advantage that Porto has. I guess Sir Alex Ferguson will have the trump card team for the match. Surely he would gamble with Ronaldo.

Its been so far a fantastic season in the Barclay's English Premier League. Just 1 point separating 1st champions ManU and 2nd place Liverpool with one game less for ManU. Its been a fantastic climax I would believe. That one game, that one goal will make a difference.

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