Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Dream Job

I wish I was taking these Photographs... :)


Abirami Rajendran said...

I heart him!

Why does he have to be so so handsome!! :(

redthil said...

mine wud be...
to hold that phone /
sign it there /
hold that chair /
think seriously having that emblem behind

i'll make sure that atleast if my dream comes true, urs will definitely wud hav... but, ATB for urs to be true much b4 mine..

Amudhan said...

I have an idea.... my own unique idea...

Simply do this simple 10 steps.

1) Arrange an interview with him
2) Ask him tough questions
3) He will say *one day... only one day... try to be the president of US... then you will know the real trouble*
4) Don't accept it immeidately... or your plan would be revealed
5) Drink water nervously... turn around hastly... adjust your tie... and then say... if it is politically possible, then I am ready
6) He will say it is possible.
7) Nervously, drinking water again, accept it!
8) That is it! you can be in your dream job, one day. Do a lot of good things... fight rowdies on top of bus and a little romance with your girl friend.
9) Most importantly, issue an order to arrest him at 5:58 PM
10) Compete in the next election and you will win with 95% of votes!!!

Vijesh said...

Thanks Amudhan, Ana I don want to become the president :) Read the first line again. :)

Tom Praison said...

You can see more pics like that here

Vijesh said...

Thanks Tom.
Infact these photos are pulled from the same flickr stream.