Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its Nonsense - Michael Clarke

I'm watching the presentation of the third one day between Australia vs Pakistan in Chapel Cup. This thing literally annoys me! Michael Clarke is not known well for his manners on and off the field. The presentation ceremony is packed with representatives from all the sponsors for the tournament. There were around 6 category of prizes to be given. In which Clarke for his hatrick, good performance with the bat and captaincy was called to the stage to collect the prize cheque. It was annoying to watch him touch and go the large cheque boards. Literally dropping them from his hand, he moved on. The sponsors took them and keep it aside.

Irrespective of who he is, without those sponsors the tournament is *no* were. Those businessmen have got their own dignity and status. You better watch out Clarke.


Karthik said...

Not a surprise! The Aussies are well known for that :)

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

The sponsors should also change those huge cheque placards to something that is easy to handle.

May be they should just display it during the presentation and handle the player only the real cheque.

Srihari said...

Yeah, its the attitude of the Australian cricketers, typically Oz.
@Nikanth , i agree to some part ,the whole idea to me is that the organizers want to project themselves really big during the presentation ceremony.