Monday, April 20, 2009

Its Finally Over

Ah! There it is! I had to dig this from my drafts and feel it's right time to push it.

LLT is finally over. After lot of reminders I managed to sneak peek the trunk to see the source files. :) It is in and seems to be in great shape! It a real good feeling, after all that we underwent. I literally broke all my personal records. Sitting at 616 till morning 5. Working on all continuous weekends. Sleeping for 4 hours, in which 2 hours were spent in LLT dreams. The Memory leak, valgrinds, reading ASCII, talking and chatting in terms of TCP packets. Straining my neck and back (still the scars are there..). Canadian Friends. The demos, testing, frustration, smile, joy and a sense of victory! I love them all.


Abirami Rajendran said...

woo hoo!

yay yay yay!

party time :-)

VP said...

Hai vijay,
You must sleep atleast 6 hours. And take care of your health. Don't work inviting Scars. It is not my advise. Only care, you know.
Your lovable,

Vijesh said...

Sure Meee. Will take care. It was long time ago. As Abirami says, "Its Party time..."