Friday, April 10, 2009


It is hard to recollect something and write it later. But you can't help it too, pulling a laptop in a moving train and making a post is unlikely unless you are traveling in a sadapti. Sigh in this train even a short message was F hard.

I was envy, jealous and etc etc on the kid who was on the next berth who came along her grandpa. Why? I boarded the train and lied down like a old fellow with my ear plug on. The 541 megabytes of music was my *only* lonely company. She was playing around climbing berth after berth and finally getting help of her grandpa and getting down. So much energy for the physical activities. Soon after the ticket checking is done. They decided to sleep. (She has to share the berth with her grandpa.) She decided to take the cushion seat by climbing completely over him and gave a full hug of his belly and rested that smiley face. I was happily watching them. It should have been less than a full Tamil song. She slept! My god when was the last time I slept like that.

Today I had been to a saloon and was there for almost two hours. A kid was there! He was one of the relatives kid who came here for the annual holidays. (I verified, It was not child labor.) He was inquisitive. Asking, "maama yethvathu velai kudunga maama!" (uncle, give me some work uncle) Soon he asked him to clean the shelf. I was watching him and he did not even get a second distracted from him work. He got down things, cleaning them arranging them in height order for the entire 90 minutes. I think its a meditative state of the child. When was the last time I had done something so meticulously for a continuous 90 minutes.


Karthik said...

Nice thoughts Vijesh!!! We guys are just hooked to our work!!! Was thinking what else we are doing other than just eating, drinking and sleeping with our laptop/PC... Pity on our life :(

But then, I am worried about the kids too.... These days kids are flooded with loads of entertainments stuffs and they rarely play
any outdoor games.... One of my little cousin is playing X-BOX now.... He is kinda got addicted such that he has started ignoring
his friends and going for any outdoor games.... This is really a concern because it's only our childhood games which helped us
to develop core values of life like team building, forgiving, friendship etc. These days kids seems to be lost in their own world
which is TV and games...

Apologies as it might be irrelevant to your post.


Vijesh said...

@Karthik You are right. Yes the physical activities are lost now a days! Modern gadgets are addictive. Surely they cant give the cricket, golli, gilli and lot other games our generation played!

Nothing is irrelevant da.. :) Keep writing..

Srihari said...

Let me put me in this way. What is the difference between we people (our generation people) and people who are say 20 years older to us. Its the generation gap. They wouldn't have like us sat in front of the dumb box aching the body. In the due course we are prone to lots of diseases and pains. They didn't have the technology then but we have it now and we are relishing it.

So same is the case with young kids who are now addicted to games like X-box, Wii and lots of other stuff on computer. Here we have a technology generation gap. The difference here is the access to technology which has grown in a humongous way. So it all boils down to generation, good or bad technology changes peoples life.

Solution here would be to give limited access and have a check on them.

Vijesh said...

@Srihari Yes generation gap is one reason. But the real point is this generation parents are not able to know how to restrict access to technology!

Not everybody are like linus. Look what he has done... :) linus family-blog

Natraj M said...

What's sabathi dude?

Vijesh said...

@Nat Sorry, my mistake. Its sadapti. Thanks for pointing out.