Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Jonny

Little jonny
Din want to go to school.

He wanted to cry loud
To convince his mom.

Because his strict Dad
Knows his third degree trick.

Hiding the name badge
Inside the pencil box.

Searching it will make him
Miss the school bus.

He prayed his Dad's scooter
Should not start.

He stops co-operating, when
His mom ties the shoe lace.

He stood stiff, when
He tucks in the white shirt inside blue trouser.

Started weighting more, with frozen feet
When his mom dragged him to road.

Crosses the tree where he spent the last weekend
Blowing the whistle flower.

Its not happening, his plan
His silly 4th standard trick.

Little jonny
Din want to go to school.

He wanted to...


Vivek said...

Ipadi lam panna work out aagathu.. you should have kept onions under ur arms, so that the temp will raise and hence fever ;)

Vijesh said...

Is it? I din know that!

Abirami Rajendran said...

Me loves this!

I didn't like the frozen feet bit though,it looked a bit grown up.

Vijesh said...

I tie my lace and tuck my shirt myself. :)