Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A post by my readers :)

As a follow up for my post of getting my contact details. I had also put a box for any shouting my readers wanted to do. It was so nice reading them. Here they go.

  • dumbo... enna da achu un mobile.. epadi tholacha?
  • Still you have not changed the habit of losing mobile phones ? - (one of my Professors)
  • My deepest condolences for the loss of your mobile!!! ;)
  • nice way to rebuild your database.
  • pls do call me. i think its been quite a while that we met.
  • get lost :P
  • Rombaa too much ethu ellam! Nyways stud boy proud of u
  • nice idea.. hope this DB wud be there as your backup for ever!!!
  • I understand how difficult it is to loose the mobile.take care .... :)
  • Yeah actually something !!
  • First for that lost mobile, I thought you sit next to Abhirami (may be no more in new building) and in IMHO she is the best security expert in Novell !!
  • brother , no vaangana matum pathathu.. callum pananum.. sariya?
  • pl join my lost mobiles community in orkut (this was best one, I laughed loud..)
  • Overa sight adichukitu mathatha kotta vida koodathu
  • honesty is the best policy(best lame line i cud think of)
Thank You All.


Antony Vincent Pandian.S. said...

ha ha ha..
I can guess one or two readers who could have posted some those comments especially the one about orkut community because i too was approached to join the community when I lost my mobile.. (I think it is the same person to have approached both of us)

Vijesh said...

Not sure to laugh that you too have lost your mobile or the common person asking to join the Orkut community.