Sunday, October 26, 2008

How *not* to organise a picnic

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas A. Edison
Here is my confession...

What's this new assignment all about? Well, it was time for me to fill some pages on my personal development plans. Right on time came this new assignment to organize the picnic for a bunch of nerds and geeks with their family. Initial plan was to create a hype among the audience and so we circulated a mail on what they could expect in a month. Then the a small team was formed for each category. I was the first one hired into this team. Other smaller teams were formed for Transportation, Accommodation, Food and Entertainment.

Play the cards in the hands, than the cards in the deck is something that I hymn many a times to myself. This was no good exception. We had a very big crowd to manage. In a worst case there would be around 100-130 people who will be participating in the picnic was the result of the survey. So at the best we should be ready to handle the worst. After ringing up so many resorts there was only one resort (mudumalai) that gave us a head up for accepting an offer. All other resorts din give us multiple reasons to reject us, answer was straight. We cannot handle such a big crowd. So when ever I got an opportunity I spoke good about the resort that we had chosen, Though it was repeated place for few I tried convincing that it would be more exiting this time. Thanks.

You cannot satisfy all. There are bachelors, Married men, Spinsters, married women and kids. (This order is written based on the head count that we got). Each one had their own requirements. But I would say plan an event such that it targets one small group of people. Like the campfire game could be of interest for kids and families. The next day forest walk was well appreciated by young crowd, who dared to enter into the freezing water.

Don plan just execute. I burned the late night oil for preparing the whole set of games for two days. All print outs taken, folded and planned. But nothing worked out since each one had their own plans on both days. Do not try to hold the crowd together for a game, it would rather not impress them. Still I guess people had fun. But the plan was not a waste, I just acted wise when I was in the bus of using those games during the return journey. Did you know? It was a grand success. The crowd just simple enjoyed them. I wish I was on the crowd, still making someone enjoy is a pleasure. The photos speaks it all.

Do not accept, just question. Be it a planning meeting a week before the picnic or high tea towards the end of the journey! Being the youngest member in the organizing committee I had objections and questions. Good that I got out them, we were able to refine those thought and present them well. Breakfast was decided after so many debates and discussions. It came out well. (At least I cherished it. :))


Anonymous said...

You did good :)

Vijesh said...

Thanks Abirami. I would take this for games in the bus. Esp the KITKAT. :)