Monday, October 6, 2008


If you are wondering what this IP address has to do! I would explain its not an Internet protocol, and its Arthi born 16th January followed by Sethu born 26th July.

The beautiful pair is getting engaged today Oct 6th 2008. I wish them a very best for the days to come. In fact he is one of the first guys wicket in my class. But I'll not able to make to the occasion for making that shutter sound. But promise that I would be there on the wedding. :) (Yehaa, one more wedding shoot on the line). You can follow Sethu here and his preparations for his wedding. First on his TODO list is to apply leave in office. I would be keenly looking at his space and learning from them. There are also quite a few of other wickets to fall on the line, more sooner.

Time to hit bed... Congratulations Again...

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