Friday, October 3, 2008

It left me...

I sat there with a thud in the bamboo chair to rock back,
but its legs said they can't
I wanted some silence,
but the drunken group at the dinner table said they wanted to sing
I wanted some darkness to hide,
but the generater powered lights said I can't
I wanted to listen to some music,
but where are you?

You knew what I should listen,
to swing my mood
You knew what I should read,
to bring smile at the corner of my face
You knew when to beep,
to carry that one message
You knew whom I should call,
to make me feel better
You knew how to keep me engaged,
even at the worst bore meetings
You knew me better, then why did you leave me?

1 comment:

Vijesh said...

If you were wondering and taken pain to comment on what it was,

-Its dedicated to my late Nokia 6300. God bless all.