Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remembering Diwali

Its festival time again. Diwali is around the corner. This year its beautifully placed at the beginning of the week so that the vacation can be clubbed along with the weekend. Thankful to my class Raji and Susila who booked tickets for me for the travel. I again the missed the dates 3 months before. I almost dozed on watching the list of programs that's are lined up in the local channels. Humm, I wish I have electricity in Tamilnadu to enjoy these programs.

What else, I need to say "hi" to all my relatives, else I would get a phone call the week after that why you din visit our place. I remember those childhood days where I had to get up very early and burst crackers. Then distribute sweets to all the neighbouring homes. I din have the liberty of delegating these boring and embarrassing job to my younger siblings. Then I can eat lot of sweets (life is short, live it) and should not remember to take the bitter guard juice on the last day to bring back glucose content normal in my blood (Like I had been always).

Also I will not be wasting time with bursting crackers. Even by school days I used to complete all crackers in one shot (I love tying all the atom bombs and lakshmi crackers to a 5000 wala). Also should be alert when driving in road not be surprised with a sudden burst under my tyre, they are very common when too many kids are around. Kids play safe with crackers. Parents/Brother/Sisters/Uncles/Aunts keep an eye on them when they are on field. Esp those crazy rockets in the lighting the night sky. One funny thing, don wait to wish all your friends at the stroke of midnight for Diwali, All mobile networks will go haywire (Already BSNL is experiencing occasional down because of the recent heavy rains)

Long time pending photo shoot for a Diwali. Will try to capture some, absolutely not sure of how it would come. I don have a tripod or expert in shooting fireworks. :)

Btw, a school time friend (arun) flew down from UK for this Diwali. Should try to meet him. Also should be meeting Mr. Unstable (scorcee) and who bunch of friends. Also without fail should for to "sasi panipoori stall" for some mushroom fry, I missed them so much. They were my best dose before sitting down for a long night of studying. Should meet Karthi/Bharath parents that place is the next best place for me to go after my home. What else, planning to clean up all the pending draft blogs and make some update to ScribblinG. Its been long since I did something I like.

A box of dry fruits have arrived as Diwali gifts from my Employer. I say "Thank You". Enough of this blabber! God bless all. Amen...


Varunkumar Nagarajan said...

Happy Diwali! :-)

Vijesh said...

Happy Diwali Varun! :)

Vijesh said...

Thanks Diwali greetings and wishes.

Abirami Rajendran said...

Happy Diwali sir:)

I hope that post helped you vent some heat :D

Vijesh said...

Thanks Miss.
Yes it vented out a lot. I made a promise when I was in train that I will not think about Friday!

Dig-Dug! said...

hi Vijesh n co. Happy Diwali guyz... just reading thru ur post had me re-visit some childhood memories of my own... however, the last line is what got me to leave this comment... not tryin to run any comparison but just wanted to share how happy i am that i was gifted an ipod (
rather than the regular box of sweets at work this Diwali, for being the star performer of the quarter :-)

Anonymous said...

Belated Diwali wishes! Meeting scoorce? *guffaws* Did you succeed?

Vijesh said...

Diwali wishes to you too. I don know what on earth that fella will do. I think he is getting into the groove of marriage. Always busy with one or the other commitments. He promised me 'n' number of times calling that he will arrange for a meet. Else I would have directly meet shanku. Finally nothing worked out, before leaving to chennai. He called and said, "sorry da, I was busy! Went to this relative place". Damm scoorce!

Please change that guy for heavens sake. Else take my life.

sriram said...

machan, yeana ippadi sollita!!
It happened so, the other day!! viduda dae... :-)

annalum.. Unstable yellam konjam over da..

anyways.. from nov.14.. I am unemployed,,, then .. u say aellu... I stand oil..'

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I wouldnt expect anything else out of scoorce! rotfl. And hey,u can address me revs/revathi. Paavam yaen kashtapattu revsjoidevivre full a type pannanum.And maybe we should all do a tag on flops by scoorce.It sure will be fun.I can list atleast half a dozen!