Friday, October 3, 2008

Unplugged (Karwar Goa Trip)

How does it feel to not think about whats next on the pipeline in the project, How does it feel to not check email, How does it feel to get totally unplugged, that you don even have a backup power. Yes! It was an awesome vacation after a long time. We six of us plugged out from the routine for a most needed vacation. I don know if I would meet the other travelogue :P But I will try to do justice.

How we started:
It all started in 6th floor pantry at Bagmane laurel building. We were sipping our coffee sitting in those long legged chair. I don remember how the converstation started, or it happened to all of us that we needed a vacation (its magic after that thought). Soon, we ran to the desk and looked for free dates for all seven. Being in the picnic committee I made sure that those dates did not clash with our department picnic. Karwar & Goa were the shortlisted route. Soon after the dates where decided, the same evening we blocked tickets for the journey (I learned how important its to remember one's PAN card number). Now the tickets are booked we were all set to go.

How did a US cyclone delay our trip:
But the plans din work out of for few reasons. One of the flight was a delayed from Provo, Utah to Bangalore, India due to a cyclone that crossed. Since it got delayed a transition plan few of them had got extended and we postponed the trips for a week. We had to shift all tickets and resorts for a week. Indian Railways were sure winners with those cancelled tickets. :) After a week and few mails floating we got all things packed and ready. But, I was not ready. With a stiff neck and mild fever, pulling out at the end was even lingering in my mind even till the last minute. But the Friday afternoon rest at home gave me some strength atleast to carry my luggage.

Hubli, Boat ride and Karwar:
Soon we boarded the train and after a few games of Uno we decided to hit bed soon after some early sleepers in the boogie. Shit! only now I remembered that I din bring any pull overs. :) Good. It was a shivering morning with chill air flowing in all directions, I had to pull extra pants and tee's from my bag and made me look fat (lucky others, they had a sound sleep). We reached Hubli and spotted "Welcome Vijesh". Soon after breakfast we hit the road to Karwar town. It was a long 2+ hour journey by car from Hubli to Karwar. We had only time to sleep after the giant story from our grandma. Soon after reaching the Great Outdoors resort and got the papers ready we had some refreshing coconut. Then its a boat ride from the Kali river bridge to the island.

Warm and magical Karwar:
Great Outdoors is a very small resort situated in the island of a tortoise shape. Soon after we reached we refreshed and sat down for the first meal in karwar. The food was awesome. Seafood at its best. We got to taste Chicken, Fish and oysters. It was so delicious. If you had missed it due to a holy month of Hindus (I better advice plan another trip to karwar soon). Then we hit to the small shore at the other end of island for some games. It was good from the resort that they had a send a personal care taker with us to the water. Evening onion pakkoda and tea was great. Soon followed by memory game and barbecue. (dance, fun, fire, cat, dog...) Dolphins, Silence, Swing, Tent, Sunset, water ride and little tortoise that we meet were great. Finally some silent poetry.

How does it feel to get married and have kids:
On a sunny Sunday afternoon after a great meal and a small sleep. I got married, all others who were with me got married and had children too. Kids include Nishanth, Chintu, Pintu, etc. I graduated as a physio and invented a large quantity of radio active material and climbed the mount Everest. After some heavy gambling I ended up second richest. But as John Nash said, this game is flawed, I wanted to re-write the rules. But catching a lion at such young age is heroics from Rokumar. We never stopped laughing after, "Aree, everyone is getting a degree and I'm busy catching the Lion."

Palolem De Ja Vu:
This was my second trip to Palolem after January with my friends. This time too the expectations were meet than expected in the retreating Goan beaches. A 45 mins drive from Karwar got us to Palolem through the interstate border check post. But soon Mr. Charlie (an asshole Manager from Chatai resort) promised to help us. Finally its us who ended up walking up and down the streets for accommodations. (Sorry: If you are reading this, I should have planned better!) We then got hold of Flavia home stay for a night and played Truth or Dare (s/Dare/Truth). Next day soon we shifted to Palolem Beach resort and had a wonderful time playing cards, dumb-C (god! she is a movie name directory) and the gorgeous beach. It was fun and old fellows in the group were the ones who played like they wanted to vent out all the stress. Also I learned how does it make to shop with women. :) Better start liking it, or you be in hot soup.

Photo Shoot & Next Gen Kids:
Oh! Yeah where are the photos, I'm lazy to upload all and share all. :) But I have some interesting shots if you are following my flickr. Soon we bid farewell to Goa and drove to Margo. Those girls proved they are better than filling bugs, fixing them and writing blogs. They sang some of the beautiful number with sweet voice. Then we boarded the train back to Bangalore. Uno again with some tough opponents aged 8 years, 6 years and 4 years. Then some paper magic from one of the talented house wife. :) She made wonderful paper folding for us like Parrot, basket, strawberry and a camera. Oct 2nd, 30 passed 7 we landed in Bangalore.


Amudhan said...

Were you drunk when writing the paragraph, "How does it feel to get married and have kids?", or I am not intellect enough to understand the metaphor?

No.. No.. I think you are drunk. At first you had mentioned that *six of us plugged...* and at last you have mentioned *7 of us landed Bangalore*

Or is it I am dumb that I could not come to a conclusion that one of you is married and came with his (house) wife?

(hehe.. no offense... I was just joking and wondering how I could resolve the missed explanation and believe me, I made out the married companion logic only when I was writing the comment. But still I could not get what you meant by *How good it is to get married and have kids* :( )

Vijesh said...

I can prove that you were drunk. :)

Will tell you why.. Yes it was six of us who made to the trip. If you notice in the second para, I wrote "for all seven". Because one dropped out at the end. At the end it reads, "30 passed 7 we landed in Bangalore" so its 7:30am IST and not count of members who came down.

How good is it to get married and have kids? - I seriously don know. (Dad/Mom don be scared reading this :)) One the same para I wrote, "this game is flawed". We were basically playing a board game called life (wiki)

Yeah, But I will make sure, I put things in the right place. Or putting things abstract is my style. :)

Amudhan said...

Bull shit... I shouldn't have read and commented when I was drunk :) I feel embarrassed that I was so confident in concluding about the house wife theory...

By they way, is there any way by which I can delete both of our comments so that I save some of my dignity? :)

Amudhan said...

I have at least one proof that you were drunk at least when you commented about my first comment. If six of you had planned and one had dropped out, how can it become seven?

(I reread everything to find at least one point which would prove that you were drunk :))

Vijesh said...

Arasiyal la ithu eallam sathranam appa!! I had made more blunders than this. :P I think you were still not out of hang over. :) Let me prove again how..

Echoing those sentences "Soon, we ran to the desk and looked for free dates for all seven." - Now 7 ppl

"Yes it was six of us who made to the trip" - Now its 6 ppl.

1 rupee ku evaolov banana.. "athan ne ithu" :) mathri iruku.

redthil said...

me too a BIG fan of that Island resort... :) hope you enjoyed your stay there...

And Amudhan's comments - like the red cherry in black forest..

Vijesh said...

yes Red! really enjoyed that place. Already started talking with my friends for next trip there. :)

Sathya said...

Oye.....I'm reading your blog for the first time and your column has captured the moments well.....

Vijesh said...

Thanks and Welcome Sathya. Ithu eallam onumea illa, chumma trailer than. Main post will come from CEO. Me waiting for it..