Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whats the plan guys?

Well, a ping that bring smiles for people in my home, "Whats the plan guys?". We had been planning and executing them cleanly. I can say we had the best time in Bangalore in the last few weeks. Things have changed then, we got new plans. 

Santy will be going to the guitar classes promptly after a month, since he is travelling until then. Bon voyage! Also decided to read two thirukural per day. I hope he does not stock the book in his usual place.

Gethu has decided to pull the hand break. Be on diet and hit the gym. He has promised me a new look in my wedding. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Dams, is busy searching places for santy to visit in US. :) Sure still keeps him busy with the multiple legiyam and podi's.

Kishore still claims being part of the investigation team and keeps him all busy with the sms and calls. Also will soon get his six pack done.

JK would be going to Asha nikethen and taking the lead in cooking. Will continue to be a Vijay follower and wait for his next release too. Also being a good neighbour he would be getting new guy or gal for the home due to retention rate in our home.

Jr Santy has moved to Chennai for good and promised that there would be change since he is with his family. But yeah we also got the updates of his first day in office. :D

I would still keep my plans going. :)

Pasangala, Enjoy Das anna's food, DJ's music, those debates, street cricket, Anjappar and don forget about the hike we planned for the high performing maid. :D

P.S. Called them now, they are watching ayirathil oruvan again.


santosh said...

Pity for you. We planned again today. :)

Call us for more updates. Its going to be to Legend.... wait for it DDARRY... :)

Vijesh said...


you people promised there will be change after I leave.. Ena da nadakuthu.. :)

Arun Raghavendar said...

It was smoooooooth yesterday!! Even I am impressed with Mr. Jack.. :)