Friday, January 15, 2010

Ayirathil Oruvan - missing the magic

It's a Selvaraghavan movie. Rated 'A'.

A film that had a good start and a bad ending. The whole film is split into two parts. Part I (first half) is fun, adventurous and entertaining. Part 2 (second half) is an art film with a clashing cultural script. It looked like selva ran out of ideas to complete the movie. The 32 crore budget is predominantly spent in graphics and animation. Certain places there are glitches, but over all it is a good effort. Selva shows his psychotic nature in this film again. His earlier films were on similar lines too. One about adolescent gags and teenage capers and another on psycho boy in love. If you had watched the trailer, it exactly tells only one half of the movie, the remaining is the untold story. The films dialogs go from vulgar words that were beeped by the sensor board to historic Tamil. Many places the script seems broken. Lot of scenes and actions are left for the audience to interpret. This raises many questions at the end of the movie! Also selva copied many scenes from movie 300.

Andreya - not up to the expectations. She would have spoken 10 lines of dialog in the movie and all the 10 lines were spoken in the first half. Second half she just had to appear with the crowd.

Karthik - Another different try, but still less role in the movie.

Parthiban - Featuring as an old king, he did a good job in the one half of the film that was given to him. Carrying the majesty of the kings and his expression in betrayal are good.

Remasen - She is the pivot role in the movie. A good second starting for her in the film industry. Did a neat job for the role that was assigned to her. No doubt she will bear few awards for the movie if at all they give one for it.

Why not to watch the movie?
Too many unwanted scenes on killing, war, blood and women.


Nikanth Karthikesan said...

Why are you so worried about andrea not having scope in the 2nd half etc... That character does only that and andrea happens to play that character.

Actually Reemasen was excellent at many scenes but her lip movement were totally out-of-sync at many places.
Lifting scenes from other language movies has to and will happen for ever.

Evolution and innovation are building upon prior knowledge.

But yes the movies has lot of gory scenes, skin show, blood. If it is not your taste avoid it, otherwise...

Vijesh said...

After all the spice is missing without andrea ;)

Sankar said...

Nikanth: Building upon prior knowledge should not be used as a justification for plaggiarism.

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

@psankar Would you call having a kiss scene a plagiarism from the first movie that had it? These scenes mentioned by Vijesh are not exact copy AFAIK and not plagiarism. No single man on his own can accumulate centuries worth of intelligence... Plagiarism is not that bad, after all ;-)

Sankar said...

@nikanth I have not seen the movie yet. so no idea how much of it is just casual-harmless-repeat. Some of the bloggers mentioned some of the scenes are just stolen as-is from movies like 300 etc. I will reserve my opinions until I see the film.

santosh said...

I would say one of the highlights of the movie is how selvaraghavan ended the movie. I really liked the climax.

Can you try suggesting an alternate ending for this?

Vijesh said...

It was a good climax, but it was bit funny ending with the fight between guns and arrow! Could have been thought differently.

santosh said...

Agreed. Thats why i worded it as ending rather than climax :)