Friday, January 29, 2010

6 more days to go

That means you got 4 more days to make a decision if you want to book tatkal tickets. Let us know if plan changes.

Do not miss to visit the Big temple and take few clicks. After all the Big Temple is celebrating its 1000th year. See it (a 360) for yourself. (Rent a wide angle lens I say, its worth it) :)

Myself, I find me most active ever in all the social networking arenas. In the triangle of eating, sleeping and talking. Preparing huge checklists of items that I should take. Help filling the marriage registration form and answer questions like, Are you married? If yes, how many wifes are alive? More than all spending valuable time at home and in spare time reading 2 states.

Oh yeah, just in case you missed it. When Vijesh met Abirami.

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