Thursday, January 14, 2010


After many years I'm being jobless. Seems like an intermediate childhood state. I don't know what I will do tomorrow. May be will sleep the whole day. Ok, whats after that, sleep more. Watch TV, spend time reading all the blogs that I follow. Still I will be left with more time. A good break from buzilla, V1 or clarity. Life is calm. 

It was a busy day where you give those 200 odd hand shakes and bid farewell. Dumped all the messed up cubicle things in two carton boxes, submitted cupboard keys and ID card to the security. It was a wonderful stay in Novell, Bangalore. 

As to celebrate my joblessness, we had booked tickets to Avathar. Mind boggling stuff from Cameron. The movie raised the bar for modern day pictures to next level. I wish others keep up with it. Else these directors will be in the next generation. Though the 3D was not as great (could be because of the small screen) it was a block buster. Until next post, sleep tight. 


srijithunni said...

Hey Vijesh, sorry I couldn't stay until the farewell. Had to be at home to collect a courier. Looked for you at around 2 couldn't find you..

Anyway wish you all the best and a great future. Hope our paths cross again. Will try to make it to the reception.

Vijesh said...

Thanks a lot Srijith, wishing you all the very best.

Keep in touch.

Nupur said...

enjoy this in-between-jobs state :)