Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 20TEN

Firstly, Happy new year 2010. Have a fabulous 365 days to come.

I had a quiet start for 2009. I did make up some resolutions. I did reduce my caffeine count, but office steps were steep as days went and took a lot of time too ;-). Though I was not able to go around with BWS, will have to try after I upgrade my camera. So with many pending resolutions, there will be none this year. Life has been like taking a roller coaster ride. I became so obsessive about this blog that I got this t-shirt. Few tags to take up. Also the best tennis match of this decade was witnessed last year.

As responsible guys, we had many weddings to attend. We did them promptly one after the other after the other and the other until I realized that I was next in the queue. To fulfill the new year resolution, tried out new things with the camera from nature to ghosts and some yummy cakes. Those debates on weddings, love and many more.

Well, I think all your wishes in the beginning of new year had come true. I had to shed my tag as bachelor. I will be getting married early next month. So come there and sing a song.

Its a new year, an Year of change to me. Wishing everyone all the very best. Also many thanks for all the readers, who patiently spend time on this page and took effort to write a comment.


redthil said...

Wish you a "Happy" New Year!!!!!

Vijesh said...

Thanks Red. Happy new year to you too.