Friday, March 13, 2009

Responsible Guys

Responsible Guy 0: Calls... Responsible Guy 1, On the other end.
Responsible Guy 1: What time is the train? Where are boarding it?
Responsible Guy 0: 10:15PM I remember, but not sure! I will be in Cant..
Responsible Guy 1: Do you have the ticket printout, I don have. (just 2 hours for train..)
Responsible Guy 0: yeah I have.

Responsible Guy 0: Do you know what to do after getting down at the station? Where is the lodging and what's the Wedding hall name?
[Silence Prevails...]
Responsible Guy 1: NO, I don know. Guess we should ask Responsible Guy 2. Since he is coming from Hyd.
[Both Responsible Guy 0 and Responsible Guy 1 decided to get the info..]

Responsible Guy 0: Calls... Responsible Guy 2. Hey whats the plan da..
Responsible Guy 2: I got all info from Responsible Guy 3 (the bride groom) will send you them as Text message.
Responsible Guy 0: Oh! Cool thanks.

Responsible Guy 1: (takes a different route) Calls... Responsible Guy 3, directly..
[too much noise, was barely was able to hear anything..]
Responsible Guy 1: Dei, Responsible Guy 3. Where are you da? Whats this sound. Are you traveling in a bus or in a cinema theater.
Responsible Guy 3: Dei, I'm in my wedding reception da. :)
Responsible Guy 1: Oh ok sorry da , entha #$%@#$ da appo phone ah edutha ,call you later

Responsible Guy 4: (its 4AM..) Calls Responsible Guy 0. Dei, I have reached this place. What should I do now, where should I go.. ?
Responsible Guy 0: Immediately says, I will send you a Text message (He got this from Responsible Guy 2) follow that. :)
Responsible Guy 4: Oh ok da.. Thanks..

Responsible Guy 0: Whats your plan after the wedding? When are you starting back?
Responsible Guy 5: Yeah, I got to start back by afternoon I guess.
Responsible Guy 0: Have you booked tickets?
Responsible Guy 5: No not yet.. Dei, Responsible Guy 4, whats the train no you have booked the ticket for the afternoon.
Responsible Guy 4: I don know da.. The ticket is in my bag.
Responsible Guy 5: I will find it out.

Out of all there is our leader "Responsible Guy" sitting at New Jersey and laughing at it. :)

Thanking You.
Yours Faithfully
Responsible Guy 0.


Srihari said...

I know am the most responsible person of the lot. Thanks for reminding that :-)...

Varunkumar Nagarajan said...

Guess all SE are responsible like u guys are... :P

sagopal said...

One of the responsible guys (either 3/5) who did not even book tickets somehow got tickets for the journey as usual by getting help from a callcenter run by juns in Kormangala

And it was Responsible Guy 1 who was responsible for taking the ticket printout of Responsible Guy(3/5)

Please guess what the most irresponsible - Responsible Guy(3/5) did after booking the ticket?

He delegated the work of printing the ticket to Responsible Guy 1 & went to buy Jatti/Banian :-)

DK said...

Super :) . You missed one thing, Responsible Guy 1 and Responsible Guy 7(Who came along with responsible Guy 5) called up Responsible Guy 2 like Responsible Guy 0 did and got the same list of text messages :) ...

Vijesh said...

@Gopal That was Responsible Guy 5 :)
Koramangala call center was good one. Even Responsible Guy 0 used it to find when the train reaches the destination. :)

@DK, Ah! that text msg seems to float all around. :)

DK said...

I think Responsbile Guy 0 and 5 use Koramangala Food Parcel Services too offered by the same Koramangala Call Center guys :) ...

Vijesh said...

@Gopal Updated.

@Dk, yeah just that now a days with the timings I keep, they are asleep by the time I reach. Or they are not cooking for me or santy. They have new visitors. :P

Srihari said...

Now i can list the people starting from Responsible 0 to Responsible 7. This is fun. I think i would have added more to this confusion if i was there :-)

DK said...

If you were here, then there would have been just one Mr RESPONSIBLE and I am sure this blog wouldn't have been written :). Your planning is GOD level, remember Iyyapan and Guruvayoorappan and the Paulo Travels journey from Palolem to Bangalore :) ...

SRISHA said...

This is a very good realistic big time goof up, and a great reality comedy, after a long time.
We can even make this comic situation as a movie sequence :)

Vijesh said...

@Potter This is just a sample of what we are capable of. :)

Abirami Rajendran said...

Shame on you "responsible guy 0".After all the lectures you presume to give me!

Vijesh said...

@Abirami ithu eallam arasiyal la satharanam appa.. :)

damodarakkannan a said...

machan off late, this is most funniest blog da. burst into laughter da. good one da machi. as long as there are such responsible guys in our class, such instances won't be scarce