Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav

March24, 2009

Sir as I'm suffering from fever, I would like to... No its not my leave letter, Hello Lalu ji.. How are you doing? hope things are good out there. Well, have you got a chance to visit this place called Coimbatore, down south in Tamilnadu. You know its a beautiful place and you should pay a visit sooner or later. It has one the best climates I have ever absorbed through out the year. Make sure you drop by to taste my mom's pulli kolambu. :-)

I love Indian Railways. Well, right now I live in Bangalore I have a concern. Something that is under your administration. You know there is very good amount of people commuting from Bangalore to Coimbatore. So many Software Engineers, business men, families in bunch commute between Bangalore and Coimbatore. But the trains between Bangalore and Coimbatore is very less.

When I said less this is why..
1) Coimbatore Express: This train commutes from Mumbai to Coimbatore. So the train is almost full when it reaches Bangalore. Also the number of seats that we get through Bangalore station quota is less.
2) Kanyakumari Express: This train commutes from Bangalore to Kanyakumari via Trivandrum. Yes all the way through Kerala. This train now is loaded with all sorts of people other than who want to go to Coimbatore. Esp when the train goes thro three states, just think of the rush it would have.
3) Eranakulam and Trivandram express: Completely ruled out because of the not so ideal time they leave Bangalore. My boss will not be happy if I start at 4 from office every friday, to catch the train.
4) Only two train at ideal timings.

Ok, some how I booked the tickets from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Now I need to plan my return journey. This is what I have to plan my return journey. Half the apple for everyone.

1) Only one ideal train from Coimbatore to Bangalore that starts at night. So the people who travelled in two trains now have to squeeze them in one train.
2) Bangalore Express (6265) starts from Kanyakumari. So it will be loaded with people during holiday season. I have seen the TTR getting fed up with the crowd and not checking the tickets even.

Just look at Chennai. They have 3 trains starting at night. In that 2 dedicated trains that run all day! I find my Chennai friends get a ticket any time they would need. Here is the availability status to Coimbatore of some coming weekends. (You got available status on May 1st because its a long weekend and Friday is a holiday)

1 27-Mar-2009, Friday WL 102/WL 51 WL 15/WL 15
2 03-Apr-2009, Friday WL 22/WL 16 WL 135/WL 116
3 10-Apr-2009, Friday WL 77/WL 67 WL 19/WL 19
4 17-Apr-2009, Friday WL 57/WL 41 WL 12/WL 12
5 24-Apr-2009, Friday WL 31/WL 22 WL 5/WL 5
6 01-May-2009, Friday AVAILABLE- 0093 WL 9/WL 9

If you can do something useful after this general election would be to have one (just one, Lalu) dedicated train from Bangalore to Coimbatore. It would be great!

Thank You.

Yours sincerely,


Unknown said...

I had a similar concern when i use to travel form HYD to CBE viz B'lore. I never get a connecting train.

Unitl Mr.Lalu answers your concern, try http://www.90di.com/travel/ while you plan your travel.


Priyanka said...

I totally second Vijesh, Lalu ji..
@Vijesh: Hope somebodyy hears this...

Varunkumar Nagarajan said...

I'm enjoying three dedicated trains from HYD -> MAS. :-)
Let ur concerns get addressed...

Padmalaya said...

I agree to ur concern abt very less trains between BLR to CBE. But then BLR to MAS is no better. There are 3 day trains and 3 night trains that run daily and 2 shatabdis. And yet, i need to book my tickets atlest 2 months in advance. And added to the misery, if ever i dont plan 2 months before and get up at 7.55 am waiting for the tatkal quota to open, i dont get the tickets for that as well. At 8:02 am i see AVAILABLE - 0092 (The total no.of tickets for tatkal is abt 200) and at 8:14am, i see REGRET/WL 0000
Chennai is no better. :)
So can u please request for more train to chennai as well in ur letter to the minister ? :) :)

Srihari said...

Your concern is valid and i had the same problem. To let you all know the actual fact why there is no dedicated train to CBE is the travel agents in CBE protested and went on a strike when one such complaint was lodged, Which means the travel agents will be losing huge business to the railways and they will down to peanuts.
Even the recent Railway budget there wasn't any new trains in the Salem Division.
Lets hope the new government to be formed in May listen to our woes.

Natraj M said...

it is the same story with entire south dude. To be frank, south(except Kerela) is completely neglected when it comes to railways. Just search for the number of trains plying between Patna and New Delhi in a day and you will know what I am talking about.

Vijesh said...

@Naga Thanks Nice link.

@Priyanka Welcome! yeah hope somebody hears..

@Varun Things will happen soon.

@Padmalaya No No No.. No more train to Chennai.. first lets fill our route.. I even don mind if they cancel one in your route and add it here. :)

@Srihari Interesting point though. Yes the travel agents rule the route from Bangalore to Coimbatore. Each one have their own hiked prices. No one to question them.

@Nat True.. :) Bur first Cbe get a train..

sagopal said...

In India , i doubt if supply will meet with the demand for common needs.

I think you should escalate it to the concerned authorities , atleast for your satisfaction :-)