Monday, March 23, 2009

IPL Fame to Shame

The "Indian" Premier League will be hosted outside India. Primary reason, the General elections will be held at the same time and security will not be adequate to cover both the events at the same time. Fair Enough.

First the UPA Government should have taken all the necessary measures to see if they could host both the event at the same time. A body on power showing its incapability to give adequate security is a shame. Esp from the Mumbai and Andra Pradesh police withdrawing to give security for IPL. This will project a wrong image on the nation and its security. Yes the general election is a big event, but so was the IPL. India should not be a portrays as second Pakistan in the eyes of the other nation. What if in future another international event like the common wealth games or Cricket world cup is on schedule and a general election falls at the same time?

IPL season1 was a super hit for Indian Cricket and Lalit Modi. But season2 beginning was a disappointment. What is IPL all about? Its about Cricket, Super starts, Sixes, Fanatic Fans and Indian atmosphere. Its not about SKhan, PZinta, VMaliya, LModi and ICC. But now who is taking charge. Its the stakeholders who invested are the rule makers. Whats the whole benefit in watching the whole event in TV. Damn! Tell me a crowd that makes more noise than Chennai, Mubai, Kolkatha! Will this event get the atmosphere we wanted. A BIG NO from me. Its not just the fans who are disappointed since they cant watch the match. Its the small businesses that run around the whole event, from a T-shirt manufacturer to a Pan shop owner will not see profit. Its gonna hit them badly. Indian economy/sports will not grow if this happens again and again.

Angel in disguise of the young players who will get a chance to play in South Africa or England. Something what I would suggest would be play all the league matches in what ever foreign venue you want to. But play the knockouts in India. Yes, its hard for the players to adopt for different conditions. But still its more fun you know.


Varunkumar Nagarajan said...

Last time, I watched two matches one at Bangalore and Chennai...the one at Chennai was mind-blowing just because of the native crowd cheering in native language... will be missing all those this year... was planning to see more matches this season... highly disappointed :( Govt to be blamed for it...

Nikanth Karthikesan said...

I agree with all your thoughts!!

What BCCI did to ICL.. Now Government does to BCCI... but being a rich body it would withstand it..

btw giving too much of attention to IPL during elections seems to point to our indifference to elections and politics in general... :(

Abirami Rajendran said...


If there are exams in the household,it's okay for the television to be switched off,no?

If there's a wedding,a vacation can be put off 'coz there is a monetary crisis?

This will sound sanctimonious,but some people fought really hard so that we could have something called elections(recently acquired gyaan).so that we could all take a back seat if we want to,crib abt
cricket matches being hosted else where.

Vijesh said...

@Varun cheer in front of the TV this time.

@Nikanth you are right too.

@Abirami I still rem watching cricket World cup 99 before my annual exams. So its no exception. :)

Abirami Rajendran said...

"It's no exception?" - Which day of the exam did you miss because the matches were on?

If that "It's no exception?" claim were true, there must be one exam at least that you missed?

Vijesh said...

missing an exam is not alone a exception.. but still watching it before the exam is still an exception..