Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cooking: Onion chatni in 15 mins

It's been a boring Saturday and decided to eat at home. Quickly probed the kitchen to find that there was dosa flour. So all that was needed was some chutney. Here is a quick survivor guide for singles. (yeah yeah, married men could use it too)

Onions (preferable small onions) - 250 grams
Red chilly - 3 nos
Tamarind - a round like an 1 rupee coin
Salt - as much as you'd need

A bright side of this chutney is that you need not chop the onions and cry like you had lost the Wimbledon finals. Just peeling off the dry layers is enough. Now take a pan and add 3-4 tea spoons of oil. Add onions, red chilly and tamarind in the pan and fry.Fry until the onions lose their freshness and become pink. Now take them and add needed amount of salt with water and smash it in a mixer. Its ready you know!

What if you goofed up?
It becomes too spicy! Just take a note that when you are adding more onions you should add less chilly. Now to fix this, add a bit of salt and tamarind water.


Anonymous said...

Lol! So this is how guys write recipes is it? ROTFL

Vijesh said...

Even a gal has to do it this way..

Anonymous said...

1)A girl will never say 'peeling off the dry layers of the onions', it will only be 'peel the onions' for a girl.
2)A girl will never say 'frying until the onions loose their freshness and bring upto great colour', it will only be 'fry the onions till the raw smell goes/until golden brown' for a girl.
3)A girl will never say 'chilliness', its only 'spice' :D

Btw, I have to admit that I liked your usage of the phrase 'loose their freshness' Very optimistic usage of words I say!! :)

Vijesh said...

btw, this is about making a chatni and not getting right words in place.. :P

Vijesh said...

Somehow thought my fever led to all those grammatical errors :)