Saturday, March 7, 2009

100 Rupee

Myself and my prodigy room mate were heading to office. It was late, that we decided to have lunch out. :) Turn one from home. Four police traffic inspectors in their white and khaki are standing. I stopped the bike in the signal and paid less attention to the police. But then luck knocks at your door when you least want it. A police man walks to us and asks to bring the bike aside.

Ok, I held myself cool and pushed the bike aside.
Police: papers?
Me: Licence first.
Me: Here are the rest of the papers, Sir.
Police: flips through the papers, it did not have the RC book at all. Still he flips them through.
Me: Is it done?
Police: Ok, give me emission certificate.
Me: Ah, what is that? I know there is no spoke from this bike. Its a 2008 purchase.
Police: We want Emission certificate! Or pay fine.
Me: Ok! Let me pay it. Else this conversation will never end.
Police: You should have taken the Emission test in Petrol pumps.
Me: I know I din do it, I pull my purse out. (noticed that, there is no receipt book.) Err
Police: Give me ....

I wish I should have recorded this conversation. Next time, I will. Though I was cool, my hands were shaking. Afraid ah? :)


Anonymous said...

Indian thaathaa varraaar! Anniyan uncle varraaar! Sure,you are going to get a message from Garudapuraanam. Wait and see!

SRISHA said...

Oh man, 'hands shaking' experience is only in the beginning. Once you get used to it, its a piece of cake. I have got used to it so much, that I immediately start a bargaining argument. "Make it 50 saar". "No 100". "Saar, I have only 50 in my pocket".. argument continues.