Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo shoot - Subject: Lightning

It was an unplanned Photo shoot I would say. It was a hot day and sudden formation of dark clouds over the sky. It was just about to rain, when I took my camera to run to the top of my house. I was planning to take the silhouette evening shades. Got some nice shots of them.

I was never really prepared for this! First question was what settings to use for this shoot. Immediately I mapped lightning to Fireworks and used the same settings I used for it.

This is how it started, with light fading out and lightning cracking across the sky. This shot was taken in a typical setting of long exposure (15 sec).

If you are not prepared. Hold your nerve. Its a scary photo shoot and here is an example. This wacky one was like 10-15 kms long. One of the biggest in the evening. The shake in the images is the outcome of fear. :P Purple sky was a treat to watch.

Sense of timing was very important. The above one was in sports mode. Not bad except for the grains.

I got an interesting video too. Will upload, when I'm on a better bandwidth. :) take care and safe clicking.

Now that I decided to read upon photographing lightning. Came across these interesting links


Nishanth said...

Must have had a great photoshoot session! And wonderful photos too! I missed this opportunity though :(

Tom Praison said...

Really awesome pics.. Day by day i am become so crazy about your photo shoots

Abirami Rajendran said...

Awesome pics.

memo to you: you need to send these to cyber shots/ MM.

Vijesh said...

Thanks Nishanth

Thanks Tom

Thanks Abirami. I only got reminded of the old gentleman in "Curious case of Banjamin Button" say, "I was struck by lightning 7 times".

Well that's called "Picture Perfect" :) Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Boootiful! You are SO being the photographer for you-know-what, ok? Although the subjects being photographed may not be as boootiful as the lightning!

Natraj M said...

You keep growing daily dude...keep it up..

Vijesh said...

Thanks revs!

Thanks Nat!

Amudhan said...

Amazingly Awesome! You rock Vijesh. Couldn't believe that you took so much of risk but the outcome says, 'the risk was not in vain'. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

Vijesh said...

@Amudhan Thanks!

@varali Thanks and Welcome. :)