Sunday, February 8, 2009

02mw09 <3 02mw01

Hmm.. How are you?
Good.. You?
Hmm.. fine..
Hmm sollu..
Nee sollu..

After all the million sms and record marathon full night calls aiding to the telecoms industry boom.. After climbing the small hills in nature walk and those Boomerang ice cream.. Canteen tea and Caramel bakery veggies.. Beach road walks and CC's pair programming.. Finally the couple decided to join hands and make their first step.. Gopal is getting engaged to Aparna today Feb 8th 2009 @ Chennai. Hearty wishes to the couple, and all the very best to their life ahead..

Double Bonanza: Well, one more 02mw wish. Wishing Preethi (mw19) and Mani on her Baby shower function today. Wishes to the couple!

Triple Bonanza: Lekha (mw13) is getting married today. Hearty wishes to her too.
Quadruple Bonanza: Venkat is getting engaged today. Hearty wishes to this geek too. Wishing him a great life ahead.

It was a well rounded Softies weekend. Well, for me.. I'm just compensating for all the lost sleep in the last few weeks.. If you ask me what I'm up to, I wont think about an option. I'm just sleeping. Thanks to the love of Dk's mom with those extra added Ghee. Its just living it here. Even the India-Srilanka match seems boring. No Invites, No Phone calls, no sms not even those Bangalore weather reminders hit to disturb me. :)



DK said...

I think we can even count the number of minutes you were awake during day time on Saturday and Sunday :) ...

Vijesh said...

he he he :-) Yeah true

Anonymous said...

Woah! Congrats to all! And hop into my blog and you have another couple there to wish :)

lakshmi said...

Vijesh anna even we were discussing there are so many softies functions going on on feb08th.Thanks for sharing the engagement pair's photo.Nice blog title.... :)

sagopal said...

Very Nice! Thank you for the blog.