Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You will not sing about

that night
they decided to walk,
without holding their hands,
on a clear sky night.
she felt the cold, but continued..
no warrior from the dark,
came to take him away,
thou she was ready to fight.
they walked lingering in thoughts
passing hours into the cold night
she din want silence to take over,
but both look and smile.

he sees a shooting star,
makes a wish, it comes true.
she sees a shooting star,
stares, smiles and misses to wish.
that's her.
they din speak on politics or obama
neither they spoke on love or the green apple
amma, calls her, she din pick
not for him, but for them.
placed their hand together,
to see how his hand fits in her palm.
when her thoughts took a detour,
he patted her back, she was fine.

they continued walking into the dark,
so even their shadows don overlap,
they were comfortable that way.
as night gets chiller and words gets seldom,
with different memories,
and unanswered questions,
they decided to walk away.
She misses her one last cry,
to send him away.


Anonymous said...

*cough* *cough* :)

Vijesh said...

woodward gripe water kudika sollu.. Nee kolanthiya irukacha, athan koduthen..