Sunday, February 22, 2009

35 Random Things

11. I know broken French.
12. Die hard fan of Maestro and Rahman.
13. Wrote a search engine in my college days!
14. I still haven't learned to eat crab.
15. I'm finicky about hospital.


Abirami Rajendran said...

I'm finicky about hospital. - >Understatement.You are actually scared to death :D

Vijesh said...

Ha ha.. Nothing like that.. :)

Anonymous said...

Vous parlez le francais?

And you finicky abt hospitals? Or like Abirami has said,you are scared to death when it comes to hespitals??!! Lol! Enna vijesh, "I thought you were a wise and intelligent and strong guy.Finally you also proved to be yet another ordinary guy"(He he,indha dialogue a engayo kaeta maadhri irukumae!! :P

Vijesh said...

Oui, je peux parler fran├žais, je peux marcher et je peut rire fran├žais

Well, I'm not scared if things happen in front of me! Err en dialogue enakea thumba soldraya..

you are never forgiven for such comments. :)