Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New members in the Family

She is tall, lean and not as heavy as me. She looks beautiful on the outset. :) She will be a new member in my family.

I'm excited to get my Tripod for my Canon Powershot. This is one thing, I had been craving for a long time. Now I need not worry about low light shots or fireworks photography. Needn search for a place to keep my camera when trying my timer. :) No more shake! I detail review later.

One more new member, My sleak and black dell is also shipped. :) Its fast and neat. In fact my first post using it. Yeah, helping the economy by spending...

A big thanks to my friend for bringing it. :)


Anonymous said...

Jus curious. wat is that sleek laptop from dell? Latitude or studio??

Vijesh said...

@Hi Thunderbyte.. Long time, no see.. :) Well not as sleek like Mac book. I got an Inspiron.

Tom Praison said...

"Now I need to worry about low light shots or fireworks photography" -- Why do u want to worry? You got the equipments now u can enjoy photographing :)

Vijesh said...

AH! Thats the effect of hangover of doing late night post. Well that's actually "I need not worry about"

Corrected. Thx :)